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Yet Another Fitness Adventure!

Guess what I tried? Stand Up Paddleboarding!

Yep, it was another adventure! My boxing/fitness studio offered the class. The owner said that in summer fewer people go to the gym, so the studio offers some speciality programs to keep people motivated. 916 more words


Get on the Potty Train!

I have recently potty-trained my three year old son. For anyone without kids or with a gross factor higher than, say, two: please stop reading here. 514 more words

Running in a Circle

     This blog has been the bane of my existence for the past few days. I am frustrated beyond reason about what to do with it, why I started it, how I’m going to do this… what the heck had taken my brain when I first thought “I’m cool enough to start a blog!”? 292 more words


Difficulty and Grace

“And this has been a comfort to me, that I choose Jesus as my Savior-by His grace. In my suffering and sorrow He has taught me that I should choose only Him for my salvation in my well being and sorrow.” …

98 more words

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Are You Ready?

Disaster can strike quickly and without warning, sometimes isolating entire neighborhoods. As Hurricane Katrina reminded us, neighbors may need to rely on each other and their own resources for several days before help arrives. 840 more words


Is It Normal . . .

Is it normal . . . that Julian automatically waves when I put my phone up to my eye to take his picture?  What’s that all about!?  163 more words


Ice cream for all, every day

Today was a good day that ended on a not so good note. But then at the very last minute it turned around again and ended lovey. 400 more words