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4th Dimensional Consciousness - July, 2013

When I awoke this morning I immediately was aware of a very, strong male presence to my left and somewhat to the front of me. I got the distinct impression that he was wearing a robe or some similar flowing article of clothing. 2,645 more words



10 Planetary Assault Systems | No Exit
09 Craft | Seq Interrupt
08 Andy Hart | My Queen
07 Marcos Cabral | Falling Liver
06 Lowtec | Joni… 36 more words


President's Message - July 2014

As our new year begins, I reflect on the experiences and friendships I have developed over the years. I feel they have prepared me for this role and I am forever grateful. 323 more words

July 2013

@.@ Ooops.


i found me some floooowers and helped myself to some tea time snackie. who knew they belooonged to grandma anywaaay.. oooops… .. i’m sorwee grandmaaa… 7 more words

Wednesday 31st July

  • In bed – 10.04pm
  • Lights off – 11.40pm
  • Woke up – 8.15am

Today was a monsoon day. Rain everywhere,. We went to the Centre for Alternative Technology (a second choice behind the King Arthur Caves, but that was full…). 314 more words


no. 394

Take a handful of | sand from an hourglass | Carry it with you, it must be | that kind of sand | I know you will not | but carry it, anyway | Understand | how it was taken from you | the limits and the measure | the reasons, the results | how the truck was a bright pale green | and not the electric blue | one wheel | lost off | Your children fall from you | like stalks of straw from a haycart | they are only your children | the world has others | the sun keeps no register | the angels are vagabonds | the space is more | than adequate | to stow us away | to satisfy | our fear of vanishing | the sky | has that capacity | the horizon | welcomes the roads and farms and the strangers | it always waits, it never | is | it always | waits… | In a | pocket or a bottle | on an elevated train | back of a car | carry it like an exile | a handful of dirt | handful of | Palestine | It is a long, long way | so far | all the homes | have withered, you will | mislay the feet, the hands, the lips | but you won’t know why | Black snake, or cream | snake? 72 more words