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Day 104 - 13th July 2013

12:08am – man enters building, slamming main door and flat door, stomps up communal steps.

3.04am – another man enters and slams communal door, stomps up communal steps and slams flat door. 71 more words

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Day 103 - 11th July 2013

6.04pm-7.28pm – constant marching up and down by child and people, moving furniture and dropping a very heavy object on wooden floor at 6.09pm. Loud talking from a man heard over the bedroom area.

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Day 102 - 2nd July 2013

6.26pm-9.31pm – on and off moving furniture, heavy stomping, tenant shouting with partner and slamming room doors. Nothing heard after that.

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Day 101 - 1st July 2013

5.57pm-6.15pm – tenant enters with bags and makes lots of heavy stomping noises up communal steps. Man also picks up bags and makes a whole heap of noise shouting and stomping, then drops bags from a distance.

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4th Dimensional Consciousness - July, 2013

When I awoke this morning I immediately was aware of a very, strong male presence to my left and somewhat to the front of me. I got the distinct impression that he was wearing a robe or some similar flowing article of clothing. 2,645 more words



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