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A Blue Christmas with El’ Circo Blanc: Review

It’s Christmas in July! If you feel the need to have a decadent celebration during the uni break, get tickets to El’ Circo Blanc. This is the definition of a special night. 231 more words


BRICS of a new world

Critically analyse the role of BRICS alliance in the changing global order.

BRICS must mitigate the systemic risks posed by imbalances in the global economic system, perpetuated by Western central banks. 802 more words


A leadership moment

In your opinion, what India needs to do to get a permanent seat at UNSC? Comment.

For India, the new bank could be a great opportunity to get long-term capital for its huge infrastructure needs. 771 more words


Obama’s global challenge

Critically examine how the foreign policy of USA has changed under Barack Obama.

In President Obama’s sometimes maddeningly cautious foreign policy, you can see him struggling to answer what may be the… 777 more words


Less activism, more research

Critically comment on the role of NGOs in the development process and development industry in the country.

The recent Intelligence Bureau report on NGOs has generated a heated debate. 1,202 more words


India: On the Path to Replacement-Level Fertility?

What do you understand by Replacement fertility? Do you think it’s desirable to have rates below-Replacement fertility? Comment.

Download Population Bulletin: The World At 7 Billion… 1,221 more words


Finance minister bets big on disinvestment

Critically comment on the disinvestment as strategy for resource mobilization in India.

Target more than doubled to Rs 63,425 crore

BS Reporter  |  New Delhi  856 more words