Eric Garner Case Ignites Online War Between Democratic and GOP Lawmakers

An Eric Garner-related tweet has sparked an online war between a Staten Island Republican and a Brooklyn Democrat.

Assemblyman Joseph Borelli, a Staten Island Republican, lashed out on Facebook at Councilman Jumaane Williams, a Brooklyn Democrat, for calling an encounter with a member of the Bloods street gang at a Garner protest a “powerful moment,” even though Bloods members have killed police in the past. 583 more words


Pols Push Bill Banning Businesses From Inquiring About Convictions

Elected officials rallied with union leaders and community groups outside City Hall today to promote a bill that would prevent employers from inquiring early in the hiring process about potential employees’ criminal backgrounds—which the law’s proponents allege leads to discrimination and recidivism. 480 more words

Jumaane Williams

Progressive Caucus Batters Cablevision Lawyer in Insult-Filled Hearing

Insults and accusations flew today between media giant Cablevision’s lawyer, Randy Mastro, and members of the Council’s liberal Progressive Caucus at a hearing of the decidedly wonky Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises—with Subcommittee Chairman Mark Weprin stuck playing referee. 1,193 more words