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Blank sheet of paper, insane thoughts, abnormal beating of the heart, there is so much to say but don’t know how to begin and where to begin…Every now and then when there is something we want to do we keep telling ourselves we would start on day 1.   404 more words

YES, You are the Jump Off! 7 Dead Give-a-way Signs

So, you have been “dating” this guy for quite some time and you are really starting to develop feelings for him. You are ready to take things to the next level but you are not quite sure how he feels. 757 more words

Random Ranting

Dear Ladies,

I need you to pick one, either you’re heart-broken and male bashing or your happy and not worried. I’m sick of seeing these bipolar post about forget love but hours later you’re spreading like peanut butter. 145 more words


Random Pimpin

Got damn im clean
rollin through my city mean
just my ride washed up
and Im rollin on the scene
skippin text messages talkin about nothing… 95 more words



Mind on her money
and a hand on her ass
but his sneaker got a crease
so a chick gonna have to pass
mama staying in tonight… 134 more words


99 Penises On the Wall: A Message to Promiscuous Women

First let me say - It’s NOT cute, attractive, appealing, or okay for a woman to spread her self so thin (literally). This message may come off harsh but it needs to be said. 513 more words