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New Yorker: Hobby Lobby ruling will allow Taliban Industries to give your kids polio

One would hope, but remember this is the country that elected Barack Obama. Twice. As a group, we’re not exactly behaving rationally lately.

Brilliant parody of liberal overreax: Steve Coll compares Hobby Lobby to the Taliban!

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Today's New Track | Alex Cameron's "The Comeback"

Despite never losing his credibility, Alex Cameron hounds the industry for letting him go – something that should never be done. Apart from operating as Seekae’s drummer/vocalist, the Sydney performer poses to be a new generation’s electro-David Bowie. 110 more words


Jumping the Shark

When a tv series ‘jumps the shark’ it means that the story arc reaches its peak, the storyline becomes ridiculous and the show loses credibility. The phrase comes from the television series Happy Days when Fonzie jumped over a shark while waterskiing, still wearing his leather jacket. 60 more words