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Wretched Richard's Almanac: Meet Me at the Fair

August 24, 1850

London’s Bartholomew Fair, a wild celebration on the eponymous saint’s anniversary, died not with a bang but a whimper after enduring for more than seven centuries, Although originally established for legitimate business purposes, the fair had become all eating, drinking and amusement (for shame!) and a bit of a public nuisance with rowdiness and mischief. 197 more words


Shark Jumping

Today’s phrase of the week is “Jumping the Shark.”

(Hey I didn’t know we were doing this phrase of the week thing. Little heads up next time) 437 more words

Applied Australian Change-Point Analysis: Before the Shark Gets Jumped?

Ok I saw the (in)famous Season 5 Episode 3 “Jump the Shark” episode of Happy Days (when Fonzie water skiis over a shark pool) when I was 18 back in 1977, and hated it. 138 more words

Electric Stats

How to Get Your Series Back on Top: A Lesson from "True Blood"

It’s very rare that a show is immune to a serious condition called “jumping the shark.” Sometimes, jumping the shark can be fatal. For whatever reason, a show just goes off the deep end. 703 more words