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Friday Fives - 2014 year in review

What is your best memory of the year?

Spending 12 hours in the Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea. It is officially one of the coolest places on earth. 836 more words

Projection (Part 4)

School holidays started 2 days ago, and I have been preaching more than usual how important it is for the kids to put their dishes away and put their clothes in the wash. 170 more words


Artist's Block & Daemonic Inspiration

People often tell me that I think too much. Internally I’m always in bloom, fecund with raw feelings and ideas. But externally I decay with worry. 428 more words

Artist's Block

"Know thyself" como puente hacia la cura

The man who has attained consciousness of the present is solitary. The “modern” man has at all times been so, for every step towards fuller consciousness removes him further from his original, purely animal ‘p…

1,230 more words

Jung, Consciousness & Default Position for the Mind

Extract from Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse

I am familiar with Carl Jung’s exploration of consciousness – revealed in The Red Book… 1,301 more words


Of masterless men & vagabond roguery

The fear of the uprooted wanderer is a recurring theme throughout modern European history. As shadow figures for the powerful, vagrants, travellers – ‘masterless men’, as some were called – have for centuries attracted a stigma consistent with indolence, criminality, blasphemous practices of various kinds, even treason. 931 more words


Should a Cheater Confess?

Cheating: a lot of people do it, but hardly anyone talks about it.

Now, thanks to Whisper — a free online app where people anonymously share secrets — we have a little more insight into an otherwise private situation. 1,388 more words