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No Quick Fixes—Taking The Road Less Traveled

When it comes to dealing with human potential, there are no ‘quick fixes. Despite the plethora of books and speakers touting the 5, 10 or 25 ways you can become better, quicker, smarter, richer, the fact remains that realizing our potential is a long slog over uncharted ground. 458 more words


An Analytical Analysis of 'Ghoul' the Season Finale of Tokyo Ghoul

The process of psychoanalysis can be clearly seen in the ultimate episode of Shuhei Morita’s adaption of Sui Ishida’s manga Tokyo Ghoul. This anime is about the conflict between humans and a species known as ghouls shown through the eyes of Ken Kaneki, a human, who was attacked by Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul, and after an accident during their scuffle he is turned into a half-ghoul-half-human against his will. 2,115 more words


Carl Gustav Jung i psychologia głębi

Szwajcarski psychiatra i psycholog Carl Gustav Jung, zaczynający karierę na początku XX wieku, stworzył tzw. psychologię głębi, na podstawie której ukuł koncepcję, zwaną psychologia analityczną. Psychologia głębi, choć wywodzi się z freudowskiej psychoanalizy, w dużej mierze odnosi się do niej krytycznie. 233 more words

Integrating the feminine - a non-transgender perspective.

Below is an article from therapist Jim Moyers that illustrates some of the ideas I have been talking about with integration. He describes his relationship with his inner woman and how he was able to heal by befriending her and letting go of his toxic conception of masculinity which did not suit him. 2,079 more words


Man's Individuality

The world hasn’t been built up in a way to accommodate all our needs.

One of the hardest question a man can face is the question of the Direction. 131 more words

peeking into shadow work

I am profoundly excited about the prospect i have encountered of entering into shadow work at last. I encountered this term a while ago through a seeker friend and i find it interesting now that i guess i kind of ignored it, but more recently i have also encountered some powerful practices that can take us into our shadow safely, and out the other side into light. 139 more words


Shape Shifting Skies

I have always spent many hours staring at the sky watching stories unfold as clouds shape shift into different scenes, and characters. My new set of prints is based on the principle of things emerging and disintegrating as you allow your mind to relax and wonder through the different layers of the image.