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Jungian Symbolism in Today's Racial Divide

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Introvert or extrovert? Dare to challenge a critical self belief

Introvert or extrovert? We humans are so eager to integrate b/w labels into the complex construction of our self-concepts. Personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator… 988 more words


over budget..

Ok, quick money check in:  yesterday – spent 18.00$ on gas.  No surprises there.With the long holiday weekend upon us, I had to get a bunch of food for Saturday and ended up spending about $60.00; then I met a friend for coffee, and a bite to eat:  $8.00.   644 more words


Kezia is publishing a book. Huzzah!

Yep, pretty much. In early to mid 2015 I will be publishing my first solo project: an illustrated book of micro-fiction. For those who haven’t heard of micro-fiction, it’s just like any other story, but miniature. 100 more words

Collective Unconscious

The Psyche Paradox

Painting “Proelium” by: Alex Hall

The fulcrum of the beam must exist, for the lever must pivot around its axis. It is balanced, at last, but quick to crack under the weight of the divide. 356 more words

Alex Hall