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22 OCT 2014: Jung Joon Young Transformation into a Defiant High School Student

Because I woke up with this photo and liked it too, here’s some insights on what it is all about. First, let me do the intro from another article posted yesterday. 564 more words

Jung Joon Young

separately together

A wonderful dream…and yet it’s a little frustrating…

In the dream…

By happy chance, I’ve come upon a free jazz concert in the French Quarter of New Orleans… 166 more words


hacking dreams

Yesterday I got ahead of myself by very briefly sharing the past week’s dream data from twitter, in an attempt to demonstrate the efficacy of the “fear factory” that is corporate establishment mainstream media. 302 more words


time . decay . foreshortened

I am finding it difficult to embrace how time is working for me right now. There are 2 levels I’m experiencing. A steady pace of getting-things-done, interspersed with a much slower pace, a kind of timeless suspension which I find myself immersed in when grappling with moments of deep reflection. 800 more words

Γιατι μισω τις γυναικες / Why I hate women

Μου είναι δύσκολο να προσδιορίσω πότε ακριβώς γεννήθηκε μέσα μου το μίσος για τις γυναίκες.                                                                   Ως λάτρης της σκέψης του Carl Jung και της θεωρίας του περί του Συλλογικού Aσυνείδητου, υποθέτω πως το μίσος αυτό μου κληροδοτήθηκε από τις προηγούμενες ανδρικές γενιές. 1,191 more words

11 Oct 2014 JJY's FKK S2 Review Part 4

Part 1: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-b9

Part 2: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-c5

Part 3: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-ee

Part 4: Finally, the last part. To make it fast, it’s going to be less detailed. 1,901 more words

Jeong Joon Young


Part 1: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-b9 (though part 1 is more like the gyst of the episode and my opinion on the results.)

Part 2: The intro and the interview… 1,647 more words

Jeong Joon Young