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"I don't have to tidy up today, it's my birthday" - Irene Targett, on turning SIX!!

My memory of birthday party as a kid is being spoilt since morning! New clothes to wear, and good food to eat!  In the evenings, my parents would decorate the living room with ribbons, balloons and fairy lights! 383 more words


Last day to be lazy. And I chose it to do my long run. And, yes, I'm still alive.

Obviously I haven’t been around much while I was on vacation for the last 10 days. I was soooooo busy during my vacation, that I just had NO time! 1,381 more words

Gluten Free Pizza

I have tried different crust mixes and frozen pizzas. I even tried Domino’s gluten-free crust. Either I got glutened or it tasted vile.

So you have an idea of how happy I was to eat La Rosa’s pizza and not get sick. 59 more words

Gluten Free


After starting the gluten-free diet, I realized how many foods I took for granted. Ice cream, cookies, bread, and so much more.

I missed Oreos… 50 more words

Gluten Free

It's Lasagna Time

One of my favorite meals as a kid was lasagna. So when I saw the lasagna noodles at Jungle Jim’s, I just had to give it a try. 67 more words

Gluten Free

GF Sugar Cones

I love ice cream in the summer. But it was challenging to find gluten-free sugar cones. I’m glad Jungle Jim’s had Let’s Do in stock! I can’t tell the difference between these sugar cones and those with gluten. 14 more words

Gluten Free

Rhinegeist Pint Night at the Jungle! 07/11/14

Another week…another pint night!  This week Jungle Jims will be featuring beers from Rhinegeist, $3… keep your glass.  Fresh Servati’s pretzels.  By now, you should know the drill.   16 more words