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It's About Time Beast

That is right, BEAST is finally back with “12:30″ in their latest album “Time”. 45 more words

Asian News

BEAST Revealed Individual Teasers for "TIME"

Nearing their comeback at October 20th, BEAST finally unveils their individual image teasers for seventh mini album “TIME”. The teasers were posted through BEAST’s official facebook page. 58 more words


List coming soon

1. Oneshot

2. Short fic

3. Long fic


BEAST (비스트): I’m Sorry (2013)

사랑한다는 말 아끼지 말고 더 많이 해줄 걸
saranghandaneun mal akkiji malgo deo manhi haejul geol
I shouldn’t have saved the words “I love you” but said it more to you… 772 more words

Korean Album

BEAST (비스트): Will You Be Alright? (괜찮겠니?)

충분히 생각해봤니 지금 네가 뱉은 말은
chungbunhi saenggakhaebwanni jigeum nega baeteun mareun
Have you thought through the words you just spit out?

쉽게 되돌릴 수 없단 것도 알고 있니 623 more words

Korean Album

BEAST (비스트): The Day You Rest (니가 쉬는 날)

Woo baby 내일 뭐해 쉰다고 난 일 있는데
Woo baby naeil mwohae swindago nan il inneunde
Woo baby, what are you doing tomorrow? You’re resting? I am working though… 647 more words