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Smudging - Socially and Environmentally Responsible Ideas

The Social and Cultural Disclaimer

I usually just say “smoke cleanse” when I’m referring to clearing my energy or space with the smoke of burning herbs. 592 more words


MTR style traceroute on Juniper

Having used MTR on my mac and on Linux system I was always frustrated with the lack of this option from the Junos CLI.  You have always been able to start a shell and run MTR as below:- 44 more words

Handy Stuff

MXes in Junosphere

MXes in Junosphere are unsupported, but I tend to use them because I want something a bit closer to the real thing somehow.  The VJX is ok, but I like the way the MX doesn’t come with any security-related stuff, and the interfaces start at ge-0/0/0 rather than ge-0/0/1! 171 more words

Buried treasure

You are a fisherman extracting a meager existence from the frigid waters of pre-industrial Scandinavia.  One day you return to shore proudly bearing a large, gleaming salmon. 498 more words


Junos Pulse VPN client on Linux. Two phase auth. 64bit. How to make it all work.

There are several problem common problems with Juniper SSL VPN on support of Linux clients:

  1. Most 64-bit platforms are not supported.
  2. Junos Pulse SSL VPN does not support Linux at all.
  3. 720 more words