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Junit Sample Test - Order of execution

import org.junit.*;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;
import java.util.*;

public class SampleTest {

public static void oneTimeSetUp() {
// one-time initialization code
System.out.println(“BeforeClass – oneTimeSetUp”);
} 66 more words


How to Load Custom Java class for Data Driven Framework in JUnit

Hey Friends, Welcome Back !!!!

Many times while designing data driven automation frameworks using Selenium Web Driver 2.0 + JUnit, Automation Engineer needs to define particular Java Class for individual Test Scripts in Automation Test Case files. 81 more words


JUnit Rules

In this post I would like to show an example of how to use JUnit Rule to make testing easier.

Recently I inherited a rather complex system, which not everything is tested. 501 more words



              Junit is an open source unit testing framework. It is annotation based framework. Developers can utilize this framework when they create their unit test in Java. 128 more words


Is Unit Testing worth the effort?

  There are lot of views to answer age out question of all developer going through Test Driven Development Process- “Why the hell i should write test cases for my own code,if i can debug them any time “. 934 more words

JUnit-@RunWith: SpringJUnit4ClassRunner vs. Parameterized

If you like Spring but you also like data-driven-testing (DDT) you will soon run into a problem: both approaches require to define a runner with @RunWith – but JUnit only allows one runner for one test class. 216 more words