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Java Tutorial Through Katas: Mars Rover

A programming kata is an exercise which helps a programmer hone his skills through practice and repetition.

This article is part of the series Java Tutorial Through Katas 344 more words


How to run junit tests inside the android project

How to run junit tests inside the android project

how to create and run junit tests inside your android project without creating a separated test project. 38 more words


Simple JUnit Test Example

@BeforeClass //run before unit tests begin. Good for getting System Parameters added from maven
public static void setUpBeforeClass() throws Exception {
	if (System.getProperty("wsdlUrl") != null) {

public void testMethod() {
        //test method


Junit Sample Test - Order of execution

import org.junit.*;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;
import java.util.*;

public class SampleTest {

public static void oneTimeSetUp() {
// one-time initialization code
System.out.println(“BeforeClass – oneTimeSetUp”);
} 66 more words


How to Load Custom Java class for Data Driven Framework in JUnit

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Many times while designing data driven automation frameworks using Selenium Web Driver 2.0 + JUnit, Automation Engineer needs to define particular Java Class for individual Test Scripts in Automation Test Case files. 81 more words