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Is Unit Testing worth the effort?

  There are lot of views to answer age out question of all developer going through Test Driven Development Process- “Why the hell i should write test cases for my own code,if i can debug them any time “. 934 more words

JUnit-@RunWith: SpringJUnit4ClassRunner vs. Parameterized

If you like Spring but you also like data-driven-testing (DDT) you will soon run into a problem: both approaches require to define a runner with @RunWith – but JUnit only allows one runner for one test class. 216 more words


“Continuous Integration Engineer” for Full-Time position in Atlanta, GA.

Job Title: “Continuous Integration Engineer”

Job Location: Austin, TX.

Job Duration: Permanent

Job Nature: Full-Time Hire (FTH); Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Client Domain: IT Services, IT Consulting… 133 more words


JUNIT using Mockito

Here an example unit test code snippet.
Please include the following libraries as provided. if there is some problem with junit-4-11.jar, hamcrest-core.1.3.jar may be needed. 60 more words


TIP: Make Sling Testing Framework work

We have been trying to find the right mix of unit testing (Automated) in our project, and I have been looking at various options that Sling has to offer. 975 more words


Book review: Sujoy Acharya - Mastering unit testing using Mockito and JUnit

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by Packt Publishing to write a review about the book above. Without any further introduction, let’s just jump in and see the pros and cons of this book. 795 more words