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Operation: Core Wardrobe - Sewing a core wardrobe

When I talk about sewing a core wardrobe I find that women are either really excited about it or find it too limiting for their particular creative journey. 539 more words

Junk Drawer

A pile of "crap"!

I can’t possible be alone, I’m sure every home has one.

A drawer, a basket, a box, where you store things coming out if your pockets, receipts, take away menus, business cards, phone cover, sticky notes with scribblings on about something you want/need to remember, descriptions on how to change the battery in your alarm, pens, sunglass cover, notebooks, rubber-bands, and in my case also memory sticks and 2 small marbles!!! 38 more words


Fashion Friday: Joan Watson

Dear Diary,

I had watched a few Elementary episodes in the past and I really want to start watching it again. There are two very good reasons for me to watch this show: 86 more words

Junk Drawer

I Have Seen the Light - Tailoring

I spent one week in Seattle, Washington with my teenage son who is attending the DigiPen Pre-College program. During that week, I hung out with my friend Paula. 584 more words

Junk Drawer

Fashion Friday: Felicity Smoak

Dear Diary,

Ever since I started watching Arrow I have been in love with both the personality and style of Felicity Smoak. 43 more words

Junk Drawer

The Junk Drawer... bum bum bumm

Does this look familiar? You know that place where you shove everything when you don’t know where else to put it; yeah, that drawer that everyone has but no one likes to admit having. 213 more words


I'm A Winner! Thanks Infectious Stitches!

One of the blogs I follow (recently found) is┬áInfectious Stitches. Emmely, the owner of the blog, ┬áis a very handy lady she even… 214 more words

Junk Drawer