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There is no such thing as Junk Food!

I am a big fan of the beautiful Lola Berry. If you don’t know who I’m talking about get out from under that rock because today is your lucky day! 410 more words


Journalism Camp: Day 4

Today was more of a lazy day. We learned about entrepreneurship and I am actually going to try to contact one of the organizations about helping them with their website to help publicity and maybe even helping them recruit teens! 155 more words

Journalism Camp

Thursday's Top Ten!! ...National Junk Food Day??

On my Twitter account (Link: https://twitter.com/nerdybookgurl13  ), I saw this fantastic trend called “National Junk Food Day.” At first, I thought it was too good to be true and I did some research. 354 more words


The 15 Most Unhealthy Foods

Let’s face it – we know which foods are bad for us. And yet they can still seem pretty tempting. Well maybe if you knew why they’re really so unhealthy you’d think twice before having that treat. 1,060 more words

Paleo, shmaleo.

Silence Dogood here. Yesterday, our friend Ben and I were grocery shopping. I’m always interested in checking out what my fellow shoppers are buying while I’m waiting (and waiting) in the checkout line; it beats the hell out of staring at those magazine covers about the Kardashians or “guess who this fat actress is.” Ugh! 801 more words

Wit And Wisdom

Effects of Fish Oil Can Reduce Junk Food

Aka junk food “junk”-because it contains no nutritional value other than calories-a type of food that should be avoided if we want to avoid diseases related to heart and the blood Vessels Waste. 335 more words



Once year ago today, I quit smoking. I, unfortunately, replaced one bad habit with another. As I found myself with more money, I also found myself more often buying the junk food I could never afford before. 108 more words