Cork Hayden, PhD on the Mass Hysteria

As you recall, Massachusetts and 4 or 5 other states entered into a collusive suit with the EPA claiming that green house gasses–Carbon Dioxide the most important, were causing havoc. 797 more words

Climate Change

Joe Bast introduces Alan Caruba--now that's worth a look

I know Alan Caruba–what a great commentator. So Joe Bast recommends this commentary–that’s easy to second. 1,195 more words

Climate Change

Warm and cold apocalyptic reports for the last two centuries.

Thomas Lifson, editor of American Thinker, looks back at climate/weather/glacier panics generated by the chattering class. 2,046 more words

Climate Change

The Merry Old Land Of Oz

The career path of Dr. Mehmet Oz is most puzzling. Boasting a fine education (Tower Hill prep; Harvard undergrad; Penn med school; and Wharton), Oz did his residency at New York’s Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, and is now an attending surgeon at the same hospital. 651 more words


Junk science from the fanatics--a claim that they have found an increase--and it's what?

I am always amazed at the stuff these clowns put out.

And then I wait for Spencer, Heller, or Rayne to debunk their claims. 20 more words

Climate Change

Sierra Rayne is looking like a giant of a man

I just can’t believe how Rayne get’s after it day after day–this is one of his most comprehensive and enlightening essays yet, and that means really, really good. 30 more words

Climate Change

Norm Rogers exposes the silly Risky Business project

3 supposedly smart men, Bloomberg, Steyer and Paulsen running around talking warming. 53 more words

Climate Change