Sierra Rayne is looking like a giant of a man

I just can’t believe how Rayne get’s after it day after day–this is one of his most comprehensive and enlightening essays yet, and that means really, really good. 30 more words

Climate Change

Norm Rogers exposes the silly Risky Business project

3 supposedly smart men, Bloomberg, Steyer and Paulsen running around talking warming.

Climate Change

Dark Secrets

The TV series Dark Secrets, from 3net Studios, begins each episode with a teaser prologue, followed by this ominous voiceover:

“When an abandoned industrial building is cleared for demolition, a locked door is discovered in its basement. 733 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Streetwalking Bishops and Baptists--government money turns a trick

We have mentioned many times before the corrupting effect of government grants on climate and environmental research.

Researcher Misconduct

Peer review fraud, Peer review failure

This is a report on a scandal in an obscure journal, and peer review has come under more scrutiny.

Although this is a fraud story, peer review is not as good as you would imagine, even in the best of circumstances.

Researcher Misconduct

Charles Battig on mass movement delusions and Climate panic

Charles is a physician/anesthesiologist/electrical engineer and a cogent commenter on the human foibles.