Koch Brothers announce their intentions for the 2016 election

This is an interesting development, the secretive Koch machine (little joke there), announces intentions to spend a billion, with a B. Well actually the price tag is like in the auto dealers, almost a billion. 95 more words


Look at this crappy commentary at Science 2.0

I am just amazed. I have always thought that Science 2.0 was a reliable source of commentary. 47 more words

Climate Change

Sam Karnick, Chris Monckton, provide some push back to warmer claims

I have worked with and respect Sam Karnick, a fine and intelligent fellow who speaks for our side eloquently.

Of course my high opinion of Monckton is well known. 804 more words

Climate Change

And Churchill and I agree on Islam and Socialism--as well as a good cigar

One more thing–Churchill warned against the commies and Islam, and we should be reminded of his assertions regularly. He said that both ideologies were corrupt and evil and tyrannical. 70 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Ed Calabrese, my hero, goes after the linear non threshold charlatans

This is a letter that Ed wrote to Archives of Tox about that latest linear non threshold stuff.

As an emergency physician I have real world experience with tox–and linear non threshold theories of toxicology are junk. 1,436 more words

Researcher Misconduct