ACSH supports Dr. Enstrom, Board member

I certainly have no objection. Thanks ACSH.

I am a member of the ACSH Policy and Advisory panel, when I disagree with them it’s a point of order not a sign of departure.

Air Pollution

Anthropology Wars

This review of the book and the work of Napolean Chagnon, who studied the Yanomamo of the deep remote jungle of Venezuela, deserves your attention.

4 million Awarded to Baylor for Chemical Design

Let’s see if I get this right, a couple of Baylor academics are going to design less toxic chemicals?


Working Group III Report

Cut global GHG emissions by 50% by 2050 control the climate to <2°C temperature rise with a barely noticeable impact on the economy. 

Climate Change

Nova Clarifies the Lewandowsky fuss

Jo Nova is charming, articulate, and pleasant to behold, no doubt about it.

I had the pleasure of introducing her at one of the Heartland Climate meetings.

Climate Change

The Master is still the Master-just ask the Grasshopper

So Milloy the master says–grasshopper, the Common Rule as adopted by the EPA and the Government, doesn’t really prohibit the Human Experiment Program when toxic or lethal exposures are conducted.


Daily Caller on Human Experiments with Air Pollutants

Journalists don’t get it because they don’t do research.