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The Descent

Jura from Bein Bheigier

A few months a ago I finally got round to walking up Beinn Bheigier, the highest hill of the Isle of Islay and what a fantastic walk it was, although I never got to enjoy it in it’s full glory as there was a lot of stratus cloud lingering on top of the hills that day so my plans for walking the horseshoe route were scuppered as I never fancied walking through the cloud covered hill tops with no map or compass…must be getting more ‘feart’ the older I’m getting! 142 more words


Benedict & Stephane Tissot Les Bruyeres Chardonnay 2011

The Jura is arguably the most fascinating wine region in the old world. Although little is known about the region by the generic wine drinker, it has recently been in the spotlight of many wine lists throughout the world. 190 more words


Winter Whites

Last night, Warren was up from Calgary and we tasted a bunch of really great wine. So many, that I am breaking them down into a few coherent groups. 284 more words

Wine Tasting, Learning About Wine

Python carriage return not working

I have a long-running script that loops over rows in a database. Every so often I’d like it to print how many rows it’s processed, but without creating a new line each time. 92 more words


Species of the month - red deer

The roar of red deer stags across a Highland glen is one of the most evocative sounds of a Scottish autumn. For many of us who take to the hills at this time of year, hearing that wild sound and perhaps seeing the outlines of a herd silhouetted against a far horizon makes our day on the hill seem complete; the quintessential Scottish wildlife experience, seemingly timeless and eternal. 573 more words

Species Of The Month

Filming in Islay (and Jura)

I had a great time in Islay this year – my bi-annual (?) visit with friends and family.
One of the things we tried to achieve was filming tasting notes (for a sample club) outside every distillery. 56 more words