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Rushing to Wait

I rush out of bed this morning and rush to wake the kids. I try to hurry them through their cereal selection so I can rush off to the shower. 174 more words

grumpday humpday...

Hello.  You have probably been directed to this blog post by an automatic posting on Facebook or Twitter.  However, this is not a real blog post, as I am currently at Jury Duty. 55 more words


Jury Room

Grandpa wasn’t up yet when I left the house this morning. I carefully laid out his insulin, his pills and the cup of milk he drinks with them. 404 more words

Clothing Makes the Man

I’ve seen the murder weapon. I’ve seen the clothes the defendant wore, his socks, his shoes. I’ve seen the bullets he didn’t use.

It’s the clothing I’m curious about. 206 more words

Jury Duty Predictor OR Halloween Costumes

The New York Times put together a quiz to see how likely it will be that you are seated on a jury. It is interesting to see how your answers sway the Plantiff or Defendant’s interest in you as a potential juror.  105 more words

Jury Duty?...Ask me how!

Jury Duty and civic responsibility.

 Disclaimer 1: This blog only related to the Crown Court at which I served, some of you know where this is, but I am not going to disclose the court’s name or location and I’d ask my readers in the know not to as well. 3,514 more words


Our Justice System

I had a brush with it today. NO! I didn’t do anything wrong, I just had jury duty. Sorta. Well, almost.

I got my summons, looked to see if there was any way to get out of it without telling a lie, and decided I couldn’t. 537 more words