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It’s another day of waiting. From the juror’s room we can hear raised voices— pitches and tones and rumbling from the courtroom. The judge finally brought us in to tell us to take an early lunch because they had to “discuss some legal issues.” It was a relief to have information. 186 more words

Musings on Jury duty

This week, I was called in to do my civic duty. It was quite possibly the most entertaining day of my entire summer; I don’t think I’ve been so highly amused by people’s antics in a while. 539 more words

Getting Out of Jury Duty

I have been called to Jury Duty three times.  The first time, I was twenty-three.  It was the summer that I was getting married.  I was chosen to serve on Grand Jury.  581 more words

Downtown Portland Lunch Breaks

Monday through Wednesday of this week I had to spend downtown for Jury Duty. I had gotten on a case, which meant that I spent most of my day in a tiny courtroom or a tiny jury room. 353 more words


Civil Trial Jury Experience

The past few days I have been on Jury Duty. I had postponed it a week so I could help with Vacation Bible School, so once that was over I knew my civic duty was upon me. 591 more words

My Journey

Rushing to Wait

I rush out of bed this morning and rush to wake the kids. I try to hurry them through their cereal selection so I can rush off to the shower. 174 more words

grumpday humpday...

Hello.  You have probably been directed to this blog post by an automatic posting on Facebook or Twitter.  However, this is not a real blog post, as I am currently at Jury Duty. 55 more words