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Unequal Terms

From WordPress’s Daily Post:

“Did you know that today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you.”

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Social Media and the Fair Trial

The widespread use of social media is having an impact on the legal process. More specifically, everyday use of channels like Twitter and Facebook are presenting challenges to the ideal of the fair trial, with some jury members using the channels to do more than simply announce (or complain) that they’ve been picked to do jury duty. 1,582 more words

Social Media

Daily Misfortune: October 16, 2014

Today you and a friend will scorn, with mutual disgust, people who avoid jury duty just as your dad enthusiastically tells your friend how you “cleverly” got out of jury duty recently.


A Jury of Your Peers|Questions That Need Answers

I am not completely  adept regarding the American judicial system, but I think we may have misconstrued the word “peer”. Recently, I was summoned for jury duty for the first time. 305 more words

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Things I Learned from Jury Duty

As some of you know, I had to report for jury duty last month and got on a case. Being a first-timer on a jury, I learned a lot from this living out this mundane episode of Law and Order. 535 more words

Rain, Jury Duty, 4-H, and Internet

So, here I am playing catch-up again. The good news is that I finally got my internet back yesterday afternoon, when Walter called the cable company and got talked through the process of resetting the router. 464 more words

Sweet Sesame Cauliflower, Snow Pea, and Kale Salad

Oh, Brooklyn. You tempt me with your rooftop gardens and skyline views, live music happy hours, and street fairs. You lure me in with your brownstones, cafes, cocktails, and bike paths. 367 more words