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Running away into a tunnel

Horses. Beautiful little girl, very slim, her height is rich my knees. She gives me her hand and we are running. Running because something comes after us. 199 more words


Blond girl, my friend Judi & The pool

Pool. I am in the middle of the pool. My clothes are on. The water is clear. The area around is full of buildings. Why is there a pool in the middle of buildings? 232 more words


The Sequel for "You are not You"

Yesterday I watched the movie “You’re not you”, based on the novel of ┬áMichelle Wildgen. it was so inspiring for my mind, so it decided to write a “part B” of the movie, kind of a Sequel. 216 more words


just a dream...

now clearly silence
will seal this tomb
whether sun
or darkest gloom
all some see
with blinded eyes
black, black, black
in their disguise
weeping widows… 36 more words


Broken Umbrella & Lost Bag

My friend Lisa and I wait in the bus stop. I open my umbrella. It is broken. I get off the bus, and forget under the sit my bag with the objects I used for the assemblage presentation: a dish dryer and weddings invitations. 133 more words


The Spam Dream

I check my emails. I am bored. I check what got into the spam. Then I find out a few emails that someone I used to be in contact, send me. 135 more words