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Medical Student Speaks Up Under Influence of Telluride Mentors

Over the course of history, many young entrepreneurs have changed the world. Be it in the technology arena like Bill Gates, the social media world like Mark Zuckerberg or the newest Nobel Peace Prize co-winner, Malala Yousafzai–real change has been created by young leaders who envisioned a better way. 178 more words

Medical Education

Safety-II and Just Culture: Where Now?

When things go wrong, we seem to display a reliable tendency to do one thing: blame those at the ‘sharp end’. No matter how complex the system, how uncertain the situation, or how inadequate the conditions, our attention post-accident seems to turn to those proximal to the consequence, whom we judge to have failed to control the hazard in question. 889 more words


The Devil is in the Detail...

This weekend has been a bad time for UK diving with three confirmed fatalities and one missing diver, presumed dead. The incidents all happened in different locations and the only real common factor at this stage was that they were undertaking diving either at the time of the accident or around the time of the accident. 935 more words