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Great ways to snack with Finn Crispbread

A quick announcement, after 3 years of using the free wordpress.com for my blog, I’ve now decided to self host my blog. Please bookmark http://thefoodconnoisseur.co.uk/ 175 more words

Just Desserts

REVIEW: March Taste Trunk

This is our last month as subscribers to Taste Trunk. I want to stress right up front that it’s not about the quality of the goods. 762 more words


The Little Red Hen by Diane Muldrow and J. P. Miller

The Little Red Hen is a humble, classic folk tale that packs a big punch — much like its eponymous protagonist. The premise is simple: a little red hen finds a grain of wheat and decides to get help to plant it. 123 more words

Children's Books

I Deserve It All

Every heartache
Every pain
Every Failure
Every shame
Every setback
Every loss
Every disaster
Every cost
Every hurt and
Every sore
Every abandonment
And more… 33 more words


Theories on that Game of Thrones Twist

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the latest Game of Thrones episode, Season 4, Episode 2.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it finally happened. That sniveling little sociopath Joffrey kicked the bucket. 591 more words

Mississippi Mud S'Mores Fudge Pie

Things are returning to normal. The pictures are pretty much hung on the wall in our new place and we even had friends over for dessert last night after going out for Mexican food. 494 more words