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Countdown to 500 (#2)

This is post 496. The anticipation is palpable.

Have some cake.

It’s early. Have a cuppa.

Let’s turn on some tunes.

Not just any tunes… 476 more words

Just For Fun

The Katie-opedia: My Guide to Podcasts and Talk Radio.

My Podcast Rotation

My love for talk radio still burns, even though I no longer am on the road for at least an hour and a half every day. 1,248 more words

Just For Fun

The Way to Learn a Language Is to Live It

The first step in language learning is to make the commitment to do whatever it takes to make your project a success. If you have the passion to do what it takes, no matter what that may require, then this will ensure that you will, soon, be able to speak your target language. 655 more words

Did You Know ... ?

Tuesday Trivia: September 16, 2014

How much do YOU know about Marquette University and the College of Education?
Test your knowledge (and win cool prizes) every Tuesday!

What was the name of the Marquette alumna and longtime MPS teacher who donated $2 million estate gift to the university over the summer, half of which went to the College of Education? 84 more words

In Case You Were Wondering...

Kiss kiss bang bang

First, let me begin with telling you, that I’ve been born with one ‘lazy’ eye, and the fact that I refused to wear any kind of eyeglasses as a kid did not help at all for my ‘good’ one. 365 more words


On the dot

In case you hadn’t heard, today is International Dot Day – an annual celebration of creativity created by Peter H. Reynolds, author of The Dot… 386 more words


Wanda Says...The Hormone Guide--How To Speak To Women

My neighbor and dear friend sent me this funny chart today.  We laughed, and then we added a few of our own “safest” comments.  They went like this… 189 more words