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Can opposite sexes just be friends ?

I recently came across this situation and in my normal fashion I wanted to find out what other people thought. So I found myself on YouTube and came across this gripping spoken word by talented poets Chozen and Sophia Thakur. 133 more words

“Can men and women just be friends with each other? Drink 10 shots of Jack Daniels with the other person, and if neither of you try to have sex with each other, then yes.” — Matthew Hussey, howtogettheguy.com

How To Know If You Have Been Friendzoned

When a femme…

- lets you see her not so glamorous side (yoga pants, workout clothes, no makeup)
- does her makeup in front of you… 680 more words

Just friends.

Lets just be friends,
No more complications,
With contentment of our lifes,
Lets make new foundations.

Lets just share the smiles,
No more awkwardness,
With forgiveness to unearthed pasts, 63 more words


Can Men and Women really be just friends

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"Just Friends" Booty Shorts

Note: I wrote this article two years ago and it was published in UMass Amherst’s daily newspaper. I’m reposting it here a) because the Collegian made some edits which I did not approve and which I think detracted from the article and b) because it directly pertains to the subjects of this blog and I was excited to publish it here with my original wording with my own editing.  677 more words

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Relationship Status: Just Friends

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Something’s up.  Jake’s been MIA the last couple of days.  I passed him getting off the elevator as I was getting on this morning, and he barely made eye contact with me when he said hi.  438 more words