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I'm sorry I'm in love with you.

I know it makes our friendship awkward sometimes, and I know it has made things strained in the past. I act weird because of it and sometimes weird things upset me. 82 more words


That one

Ever have that one person that no matter what you are doing, no matter where you are or who you are with, you would drop everything just to answer a text or a phone call. 97 more words

Stud and Femme just friends!?

This is a tricky one for me.. Yes and no…. I mean let’s think about this for a minute.. Can a stud and femme SUCCESSFULLY… 605 more words

Can Guys And Gals Be Just Friends?

The answer: YES.

As cliché and annoying as it may sound, I have always-and-to-this-day remained as a female with a group of predominantly male friends. 524 more words

bro'ing out

I have a friend that insists on me being his workout buddy. He calls me things like brah, brosef, broham, and my favorite, turd. Maybe he doesn’t realize I’m a girl? 273 more words

Just friends

Can girls and guys be “just friends”? Some say yes, some say no. I know someone who is an ‘expert’ on this matter.

She’s not what you would call a friend but I know her well enough that she tells me things. 431 more words