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The Friendzone isn’t real. The idea that every “Nice Guy” is owed sex or a romantic relationship by his female friends is ridiculous. And if you think that’s not what Friend zoning is about, it absolutely is. 979 more words

it’s time to ask the age old question.. can a boy and a girl really just be friends?

lately mr. tattoos and i have been friends, just friends. 110 more words

(Amber Raeign 2013)

“Remember when we would sext each other?” she asks me. We’re sitting on the couch in my apartment; she’s watching Clueless and I’m going over my research paper. 1,330 more words

Amber Rae

Just Friends

I asked this boy if we could repeat last summer

Repeat the moments where he was my brother

I should’ve known better to think he’d seen me as anything other… 63 more words

Amber Rae


You’ve had a crush on someone forever, then you finally hookup, and boom everything works out just like a movie and the two of you end up happily ever after…….. 325 more words



First of all I have just watched the magnificent Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time and wow, why and how have I not watched it before. 845 more words


No Feels, Please and Thank You

Trying not to like someone I want to be close friends with, but he’s just great. Everything feels comfortable with him, unexpectedly. Everything is….easy. No, I don’t want this.  84 more words