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Oh Yeon Seo

Brutal honesty

I still haven’t let go of this ridiculous crush I have and it pains me. It’s not even so much that I daydream romantically about him, not like I used to with other crushes. 529 more words


Moving on

Okay I do need to, and plan to, move forward in my life. Like someone was saying to me today, she asked if anything had ‘happened’ on the trip (something romantic) and the answer is no, she said at this point I think he would have made a move in that direction if that’s what he wanted. 422 more words


Reality Check

This morning I was really leaning towards “I don’t want a crush on someone I can’t have” and was going to try and figure out how to squash what I feel sometimes when I see him at work on a regular basis. 352 more words


Sharing is... Caring?

Whoever came up with that term was clearly not living in the dating world of 2014. While some sharing does equate to some caring, it doesn’t always apply, especially not when it comes to romance, and especially not when it comes to me. 892 more words


Where are all the Women?

Although it sounds like an odd observation, I’m starting to find it a little strange that you don’t really see women out and about. And when you do, they only really seem to be hanging out with other women or on their own. 950 more words

Every Day Life