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Just friends

Can girls and guys be “just friends”? Some say yes, some say no. I know someone who is an ‘expert’ on this matter.

She’s not what you would call a friend but I know her well enough that she tells me things. 431 more words


Freedom to Admit Insecurity: What a Luxury!

I find it interesting how many female online dating profiles include: “I have no idea to write.  I’m not good at writing about myself.  I’m not to sure about this online dating thing.  404 more words


It's not just about the sex, either

I don’t mean to give the impression that the only reason men seek a romantic relationship is for the sex.  I’m just saying that is an important factor and one about which we should not feel bad.  409 more words


And another thing

We men know what you really mean when women say “Why can’t you just be friends with me?”  They mean is: “I’m not attracted to you, but why can’t you just keep me happy until I find someone to whom I am attracted?”  At that point, she’ll drop you (why would she hang around you when she has a boyfriend?).  49 more words


Thought of the day

When girls ask why can’t a guy just want to be friends with women instead of wanting to date them, maybe you should answer with this analogy.  321 more words


Love and Relationships: How to Be Friends with Your Ex

“Lets just be friends” impossible? Maybe not.

An interview with Zoe Saldana came out recently in an issue of Marie Claire magazine in which she spoke about what it means to be an ex. 825 more words

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