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Hail Hydra

So I made a thing.. HAIL HYDRA!

- Colleen


Sunday night Sketchbook 09-23/03/2014

Welcome backa to the sketchbook cracka! Yes yes yes I realise my Sunday night Sketchbooks have been a long time delayed even by MY standards, however there’s a plain and simple reason behind all this- I simply wasn’t drawing enough! 303 more words

Sketches & Doodles

Just Girly Things

AKA: Stupid Observations About Females

Let me start by getting a little housekeeping items out of the way. I know I sort of missed a week of blogging there. 745 more words

Things I Hate

Just girly things

I miss your pretty eyes.
I miss your smile.
I miss the way you talk about life, and its infinite wonders and adventures.
I miss how you speak. 43 more words

I don't want to be a B*tch!

First off, I hate knowing someone doesn’t like me and I feel like I need to be everyones friend – it’s the worst.

So the other day I go to get my nails did – haaaay! 444 more words


Just Insane Things

You know those “just girly things” tumblr posts? Yeah… well…

I like to tell myself it’s because I’m a writer.

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