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Sometimes you got to PUSH

Hey runner family

Okay people here we go… I love running! Sometimes… I hate it! I get so tired and I want to stop. So what I learned on this last run was sometimes you have got to push. 81 more words

Alway Learning

Just Keep Going

Let’s be honest: life is hard. It’s easy to think that once you’ve accepted Christ all of your problems will magically go away, but that’s not true. 408 more words

Tying a knot in my yo-yo

When I was a little girl, I was always so jealous of the kids who could whip their yo-yos around and do all kinds of fancy tricks. 925 more words


Just Keep Going: Finally Getting to My Theme

He’s making me boil my novel down to One Thing. Your novel needs to be about One Thing, he tells me! I fight it. It can’t be just about One Thing! 1,125 more words