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I am trying! It’s hard to do when half of every single one of my weeks are filled with extreme depressive lows and self hatred. See, today, I don’t feel so bad. 68 more words

Just My Thoughts

No Sleep for the Wicked

I keep waking myself up and it’s getting annoying now. I am dreaming so intensely that I’m waking up startled because of something I’m doing in the dream. 326 more words

Just My Thoughts

Lord I Thank You

Inspire of everything I lift my voice unto you saying nothing can stop me and no force man nor satan will allow me from establishing my purpose here on earth.

Today is a Music Kinda Day for Me

I’m still depressed and spent my morning sleeping and then woke up to move the desk around in my garage so that it is easier for my husband to get it out and into the house. 185 more words

Just My Thoughts


I finally convinced myself to shower. The water was too hot and it felt like it was burning my skin like acid. I put it to cold and then washed my hair. 227 more words

Just My Thoughts

Depression is So Underrated

Do you have any idea what it’s like to not want to get out of bed every morning, not wanting to deal with all of the bullshit outside your bed? 213 more words

Just My Thoughts