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Kitty in My Lap

Sitting here in the big comfy chair with a kitty (Maxx) in my lap. Hubs is playing a slots game on his laptop and every time he gets something good it meows and Maxx raises his head up. 776 more words

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I ran out of Kcups today. I usually get them at Target but there’s no way I was stepping foot in there this close to Christmas so I looked for some at Winn Dixie. 57 more words

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This day feels never ending! What the actual fuck, man?! It isn’t even 6pm yet and it feels like it is after 8pm. I’m ready for bed! 183 more words

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Blah Day continues...

It’s seriously just such a blah day. It’s nasty out and blah inside. I’m cold and the rain is making me sleepy.

I’m falling asleep on the sofa…

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New Morning Med Line Up

Well, here they are…
Topamax, Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Effexor, and an Ativan because I woke up panicky with a bad dream.

Let’s see how this Effexor works for me.

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Mini Being a Butt Munch

He doesn’t want to take a pic with me. I had to sneak this one and now he’s pissed at me.

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I'm Feeling Blah

I I’m a funky mood really now. I’m ready to scream or cry! I’m not sure which one. I’m just blah. The Mini is being mouthy and it’s rainy and I’m cold and frustrated I guess. 10 more words

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