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This week’s photo challenge is “Refraction,” which is defined as: “the fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc., being deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density.” 37 more words

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Dreamy” can mean so many things: a handsome movie star, a Terry Gilliam movie, a gauzy window treatment. In Minnesota in the fall, the word dreamy brings to my mind autumnal color, which we so rarely get in the metro area. 52 more words

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Whenever I travel, I love taking pictures of signs. They can jog your memory about where you’ve been and tell you a lot about the place where you are – not just the location but what the city/country/town values (or thinks tourists value). 74 more words

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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Preparing lessons is so much more enjoyable when you have 3 Euro cocktails and some ice-cream for company.

iPhone 6 pics

I’m not going to regale you with my first world problem saga about what it took to get a rose gold iPhone 6 on launch day – it involved waking up at 2 AM, pre-ordering it four times online, and only eventually being able to pre-order three days later by first walking into an Apple Store, getting a mysterious error message, and then going semi-calmly into the AT&T store across the street and being told I wouldn’t get it for 30 days. 259 more words