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iPhone 6 pics

I’m not going to regale you with my first world problem saga about what it took to get a rose gold iPhone 6 on launch day – it involved waking up at 2 AM, pre-ordering it four times online, and only eventually being able to pre-order three days later by first walking into an Apple Store, getting a mysterious error message, and then going semi-calmly into the AT&T store across the street and being told I wouldn’t get it for 30 days. 259 more words


Film stills: Where I left my heart

That great city on the bay,. July-August, 2014. 37 more words

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walks into a room

Interesting Daily Post prompt this morning.

A roomful of strangers: I feel like I walk into that at work everyday. We all have our business clothes on, our business faces on, our business brains operational. 265 more words

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