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Loch Ness Monster?


I’ve become jaded enough not to trust any photo., and the blown up part on the right looks a bit too clear to be real.

Day In The Life

An apple a day

An apple a day,
Keeps the doctor away.
A banana a night,
Takes care of the fright,
A squash an evening,
Keeps you breathing,
A tangerine a week, 12 more words


Underwater Basilica

I’m fascinated by finds like this. Someday, someone will find New York City at the bottom of the ocean.


Just Plain Strange


Without seeing the lower extremities, this could easily be a hoax. If it is, it looks pretty good to me.


And there is a new software that can be used to determine if it is a hoax or not! 7 more words

Just Plain Strange

Bleet bleet bleet sheep

One sheep, two sheep,
why can’t I sleep?
Three sheep, four sheep,
lay awake between the sheets.
Five sheep, six sheep,
wish I could sleep. 18 more words


Die Letzte Rache (1982)

Within the cinematic substratum known as ‘arthouse filmmaking’, this little piece – known as “Die Letzte Rache” (a.k.a. “The Last Revenge) – is pretty much that exemplary representation of the independent, idiosyncratic, symbolism-laden ‘art film’ that will typically turn off the average, not-so-wide-ranging-in-taste, film goer. 412 more words