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Yes, This Does Sound Like a Hippie Song

I can hear Massive Internal Complications’s “Strawberry Hill” playing in the background, but I’m not lying about this.

Yesterday, I strolled by the park homebound, feeling pretty good about my scoring a free, naked, 8 x 8 — or roughly thereof — wooden board. 1,046 more words

Just Plain Strange

If I were invisible, I would...

If I were invisible, I would…
Probably not do what I should,
I think would find,
I’d have a wale of a time,
But I’d probably just eat food.


Mediochre Strikes Again

Hidden in,
A story between,
Mediochre rides again,
Read it well,
Enjoy the view,
And soon the words will be after you.

If you like a good story Mediochre is your man! 134 more words


The Misty Bridge

The mist came quick,
The carriages fast,
A lone figure,
Meandered down the track.
The lamp light flickered,
The bridge glistened,
The long figure, 16 more words