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"What grade did you get?"

A friend of mine and I have noticed this one guy in our class who likes to pop up on Facebook and ask one question: “How did you do on that last assignment?” And that’s just how conversation starts with him. 553 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Thursday thoughts.

Whenever I am feeling a bit “off”, be that anxious, a bit down or really frustrated, I like to find great quotes to fill my mind with and get myself headed in a better direction. 817 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Struggling Helps

Just yesterday, I went to see my professor about my frustrations with the grad classes due to feeling like I’m not learning as quickly as everyone. 318 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Choose the Path of Peace

It’s been two weeks since my friend came through Rockford, but something he said is still ringing in my ears.

My friend, Michael Corin, is a singer and songwriter who currently resides in Colorado. 506 more words

Just Some Thoughts

The Great Bra Crisis

Yesterday I was at the mall doing some shopping when I happened to wander into Victoria’s Secret. Now if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we know the world is split into two types of women: the ones who embrace VS and the ones who can’t stand it. 803 more words

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The Game I Always Lose/Win

I have a friend named Amy. She has a beautiful smile and a demeanor you immediately want to mirror. I like to say the most special people are those you can look into their eyes and see their whole heart. 733 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Some Rules to Eating Out

So I have been working the food service for a while now and I have gathered a few rules/ do’s and don’ts, so lets just get to it shall we? 445 more words

Just Some Thoughts