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We broke all the rules, but that's OK.

Before we headed away on our big holiday, things were going quite well in the toddler stakes. The Little Mister hadn’t needed a dummy (when not sleeping) in a really long time and he was toilet training like a little champion! 1,750 more words

Wonderful Summer!

By the end of the last school year, I was positive I needed to immediately make an appointment with the first psychiatrist who would see me. 392 more words

Just Some Thoughts


So you love him, but you don’t trust him? You’ll share your body with him, but you won’t let him into your innermost thoughts? You say he’s different from the rest, and yet you still compare him to every man who’s hurt you? 808 more words


Just Getting Started

This is a new blog for me.

I’m not sure, yet, what to write about but I have some ideas. I’d like to showcase some of my audio production projects, my graphic design work, and maybe even some pedal builds that I undertake. 45 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Paper and its value for a writer.

“Paper has more patience than people”

                                                           – Anne Frank

if i give a thought to Anne Frank’s quote…then i can only say this that paper is a thing, that is non-living but can listen to your thoughts. 34 more words

Just Some Thoughts.......

Hello There!

I decided to start a blog just to do some reflecting, organize some thoughts and maybe get some feedback! Also so I can read this all when I’m older and laugh at how ridiculously dramatic I probably am. 101 more words

Just Some Thoughts

Old Stuff

The past is the past, right? It can’t be changed, though it can be recollected. Memories are all we have to link us to our history outside of whatever physical consequences we managed to carry into the present. 334 more words