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Mourning in the digital age

It would have been my dear old Dad’s 77th birthday today.

This is the fifth of his birthdays where I can’t buy him a carefully chosen card, or even make one for him as i used to like to do, I can’t buy him presents that I think will make him smile, or even roll his eyes if they were jokey ones, and I can’t feel the utter, all-enveloping, warm comfort of a Dad hug. 394 more words

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Is Power A Finite Comodity, Like Energy? Thoughts on Marvel, Female Superheroes, and Lazy Writing

So first thing this morning, one of my FB acquaintences, Junk Yard Green (who often shares some of the coolest upcycling/recycling/build stuff projects on the internet), posed this question (which I’m shamelessly sharing in full here because I think it’s germane to the discussion and it’s not as easy to share stuff from FB as it is to share Twitter statuses): 719 more words

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Another Jeep Load

I went again to help unload some things from my grandmother’s former house. She has passed and for a while my brother was living there. But now, the house must be sold and we are all flailing to get it sorted. 484 more words

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throwback thursday

Feels like ages since I’ve posted.

There’s not a heap going on. I trained Lu yesterday and tried a new way of handling a front cross but it made her do beautiful straight extension jumping. 138 more words


So unfortunately I have been absent and neglectful of my blog here but with a valid reason.

 My mom, who turns 84 later this year, has recently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. 92 more words

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Richard Keys has a public Twitter meltdown

The power and cruelty of Twitter has again taken the mentality of another sporting celebrity.  This time ex-Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has become the target of mass Twitter abuse.   266 more words

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