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No Longer In Use

On my travels around the countryside, I’ve come across a number of old reindeer pens that are almost overgrown with bushes and otherwise in a sad state of repair. 41 more words

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my bus buddy.

My friend Vonda and I have been bff’s since before it was cool, or possibly even a thing, and today is her birthday!

Way, way, way back in 1973 my family moved from Chicago to Minnesota.  539 more words

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Back to School

First day with students at school this semester…

… and I’m beat! Could it be because I’ve spent a lot of time this summer almost like a hermit in the middle of society?


the perfect Saturday.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past that Mr. Q does weddings.  As the officiant.  Last Saturday he had back to back weddings.  The first wedding was a morning wedding being held at… 922 more words

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my barbie wore chanel.

Or at least I thought it was just as nice, if not nicer, than Chanel.

My grandmother knitted these Barbie outfits for me.  I had several, but this is the only one I preserved. 331 more words

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In Which the Heat Pump Died and Revived

Good morning Everyone!

With the happy find of the lost box of kitchen cooking utensils that included the all-important can opener, measuring cups and measuring spoons a couple of weekends ago, we finally have the inside of our house set up for permanent residence.   637 more words

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I Leave Tomorrow

I don’t have anything to write about. I’m just trying to rack up posts so my blog looks legit.

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