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I had a bit of an accident yesterday evening… My glass of water tipped over my laptop and this was definitely not popular. It died on the spot, so now it’s sitting on top of my bookshelf, in the hopes that it’ll dry up and function again. 37 more words

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Summer Lovin'

For the last few weeks, I’ve seen a pretty much constant stream of mentions of ‘Proms’ by friends, family and people I barely know. Its all a bit alien to me, with my school days nearly 30 years behind me, but everyone seems to be doing it so I guess it must be the norm now. 769 more words

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On Being Opinionated

I had no idea when I set up my ranty post about writer entitlement on Wednesday that it was going to go kind of viral.  I mean, dude, I GOT RTed by JIM BUTCHER!   470 more words

Kait Nolan

So you want to speak to them...THEM...about this?

When you are organizing your speech, you always have to think of your audience first. As a matter of fact, you need to think of several “Whys” concerning your planned audience. 275 more words

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fairy crowns.

It is incredibly handy having a friend that is super creative and owns a fabulous shop and studio space in Stillwater.  I’m referring to my friend Michelle who owns… 177 more words

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Because, Of Course

Last night I was thumbing through some of the thousands of pictures recovered from my grandmother’s house. I found a really, really old, dusty scrapbook with pictures of my great-great grandmother. 18 more words

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Phase Two: Bridal Gifts Sweatshop

I worked my butt off today! Ok, well I mostly worked, sitting on my butt, making gifts for my friend’s Bridal Shower. I did a post earlier today, when I finished the doily… 153 more words

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