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Walking It Out

Wrote this Saturday evening.. very late. Too late to post.  But I’m going to leave it as it stands…


I had decided early on with this blog, given the title, that I would do my best to be transparent and be real, even when things weren’t all awesome and amazing. 582 more words

Just Life Moments

If only you knew, she spent her whole life looking into a mirror through eyeglasses tinted with inadequacy.


Inside the Dome

Long walks seem to be the thing this spring.  Last weekend, I walked three and a half miles for a donut.  This past Saturday, I walked that same approximate distance for a plate of lasagna.  539 more words

Just Writing

Some Rough Scene Drafting

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a bit now: writing something for the first time, in it’s complete and unpolished, for the site. I’m not sure what it will accomplish other than give all of you an idea of what my writing looks like at first conception, but I hope it’ll be interesting. 807 more words


Belajar dari FTV

This article is just a joke

Karena sering makan di warung, saya kadang gak sengaja nonton FTV. Wajar saja, yang punya warung ibu-ibu. Mau minta ganti… 267 more words


Uncle Bob on a Surfboard

Lately, Mondays have been “travel days” here on the blog; I write about the places my “Lady Alone Traveler” journeys take me over the weekend.  Last weekend, I took a road trip with my brother and… 679 more words


[Misteri] Hilangnya Stapler

Jika serius dalam sesuatu, maka segalanya akan dipersiapkan untuk menghadapinya. Begitu pula jika kita serius dalam menuntut ilmu. Persiapan alat tulis misalnya.

Semua yang saya butuhkan untuk kuliah, sudah tersedia di dalam tas. 186 more words

Just Writing