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Where we went

There is a future without you
One day there will be an ‘after you were here’
Until then I will enjoy our time
But it will not last… 24 more words

So Called Life

If I die before I wake...

Don’t let me disappear even on those nights when your eyes have prettier things to focus on
Don’t let me talk my way out of promises I always knew I’d break… 100 more words

So Called Life

Stop looking

Hey woman!
Hi man!
How do you do? How do you enjoy that place?
Yeah well, it’s quite funny, strong atmosphere and all this beautiful people standing around… 374 more words



For the past four months or so I’ve been working on a web series one of my best friends created. Because of it I’ve met so many incredibly talented artists, musicians, actors, and fellow writers. 29 more words

So Called Life

Ahead of Schedule

My moving odyssey began in February, 2013.  That’s when I decided to rent a storage space in my hometown of Lisbon Falls.

My moving odyssey ended yesterday, when I moved the last sticks of furniture out of my apartment on the Mason family compound.  37 more words

Just Writing

The Frog in the Garden

Yesterday, one of my friends shared my Market Basket post with her friends and said “I loved reading your blog.”  I was flattered she considered my words worthy of sharing.  181 more words

Just Writing

Second Date

I was more excited about my second date with him than I’d been about anything in a long time.  Our first date was casual and spur of the moment.   1,058 more words

Just Writing