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Letter to the Drummer

After sixteen years you suddenly say

your “heart’s not in it”.

As if this band were a dating application

And you were a member for sixteen days… 1,403 more words

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Realised Fairy Tale (part three)

I chose my seat with care.  It was at least twenty metres from the door through which the passengers would arrive. It was also slightly elevated.   712 more words

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Realised Fairy Tale (part two)

I wrote a letter to the mysterious African doctor who would be arriving in San Francisco in six months’ time.  I introduced myself, asked him for the exact dates of his visit and encouraged him to plan his stay over a weekend.   456 more words

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Realised Fairy Tale (part one)

It was my birthday.  It wasn’t a spectacular affair.  It was a weekday.  I was teaching at a public primary school in San Francisco.  Several of my colleagues had wished me well.   872 more words

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Lundi Matin #07

We all need a little dirt in order for things to grow right? Look at difficult times as your dirt! Continue to work through it until you see that beautiful miracle sprout through.



Wisdom of Age?

It is not easy growing old.  It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.  Not only must we contend with stiff joints, achy muscles and diminishing senses, we are constantly being put in our place by the youth. 502 more words

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