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My Favourite Cousin

Last night I dreamed of my dead cousin again.

He’s my only cousin whom I’ve actually loved. He died in an accident at the age of 21 when I was 13. 543 more words

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O, Sons of Adam

The polished floor which once echoed with the sound of black school shoes
is now sticky red.
Near the door lies an upturned chair.
Under the table, a broken pair of spectacles. 80 more words

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Untitled - Murder bit

She awakens from he unconscious state. She begins to notice her surroundings….she’s in a darkened room, with the only light being the moonlight shining through the window. 240 more words

Just Writing


There’s A LOT of that going on around here today….hell, even I have misunderstood situations before. Who are the ones who suffer from misunderstanding the most tho? 173 more words

Just Writing


Sometimes I get lost
and I can’t find me.
When I finally unearth her from beneath the dining room table
she sheepishly confesses she is afraid, 68 more words

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just plain me

Call me Jack.
Johannes Factorum.

While my heart longs for rapture,
my hands are Terra-bound
and flawed.

There is nothing I call my own – 60 more words

Just Writing


Everything I do smacks of forever.

I brush my teeth
never thinking this may be the last time,
the last time ever.

I live as if I have endless days… 46 more words

Just Writing