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As Jerry explained in his #FOURCOMICS article:

Last week, comic book writer Jim Zub introduced the #fourcomics hashtag, looking for comics that influenced people growing up.

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The New Year's 52: Justice League

In the course of talking to comic creators this year, I started to think about their unique talents and what I think they would be best suited to.  1,173 more words

New Year's 52

When did Sue and Ralph Dibny become so entangled with the League and so beloved?

On August 17th, 2014, /u/WW4O asked the following on /r/DCcomics:

I’ve read almost all of the core storyline stuff from the DiDio days on, and from Identity Crisis forward you never stop hearing about how Ralph and Sue Dibny were, like, the most beloved and pivotal members of the Justice League…

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Ideal 52 #1: The Justice League


Earth’s mightiest heroes gather together to defeat the biggest threats to the planet.

Team Roster:

  • Superman: most powerful of all the heroes, he’s the figurehead for hope and a natural spokesman for the honesty and integrity the League wants to communicate…
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"The Flash" by Danny Elfman

Unfortunately, there was never a 1990s Justice League of America film adaptation prior to Christopher Reeve’s career-ending injury.

Christmas, and a Mad Post-Christmas Dash to Mail

This is my last full day in Merritt Island; Susie and I will be airborne tomorrow morning and in Columbus by noon.  All of us had an excellent Christmas Day, with plenty of food, good presents, and everyone zombified in front of laptop screens by mid-afternoon. 911 more words