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Cancellation Examination: The Savage Hawkman


Archeologist, space cop, resurrected Pharaoh, alien from another planet, visitor from another dimension — when it comes to the character first introduced in 1940’s… 635 more words


Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol. 3

First Published: December 2007

Contents: Justice League of America #37 (August 1965) to #60 (February 1968)

Key Creator Credits: Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky

Key First Appearances: The Key, Royal Flush Gang (10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of Clubs), Amos Fortune, Shaggy Man… 725 more words

DC Showcase Presents

Discussion! Mou’s Top Ten Comic Book Runs, Part One

My name is Mou, and I am a comic book fan. (Hello, Mou!) A longtime comic fan. Longtime, like 43 years longtime. I read my first comic book, … 1,409 more words


JLA Incarnations 7: The End of the Line

And then there was seven.
And yes, this Justice League of America, going out under that full title for the first time since before Crisis on Infinite Earths… 948 more words

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