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Justice League of America Sanctuary Review

It’s time for a classic (Pre 52 anyway) Justice League story. This isn’t an iconic event and it’s not even the climax to an arc. No, this is just an installment in the middle of the Justice League of America’s run back in the day so this is a perfect way to see how it holds up. 1,708 more words


Cancellation Examination: Vibe


It’s Vibe.

Vibe’s death just twenty-three months after his debut forever links him with the worst era ever in Justice League history: the Detroit years. 831 more words


Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard)

And now for the last character appeared (sort of…) in City of Heroes, first episode of The Flash: when Joe West tells David Singh  996 more words


Adventure 423 - Supergirl saves the Justice League

Aliens plot to conquer the world using mind-controlling sunglasses in Adventure 423 (Sept 72), a story by E Nelson Bridwell and Steve Skeates, with art by Mike Sekowsky and Bob Oskner. 168 more words

The Brown Bomber

- Justice League Of America Vol. 2 #26


Cancellation Examination: The Savage Hawkman


Archeologist, space cop, resurrected Pharaoh, alien from another planet, visitor from another dimension — when it comes to the character first introduced in 1940’s… 635 more words


Showcase Presents Justice League of America Vol. 3

First Published: December 2007

Contents: Justice League of America #37 (August 1965) to #60 (February 1968)

Key Creator Credits: Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky

Key First Appearances: The Key, Royal Flush Gang (10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of Clubs), Amos Fortune, Shaggy Man… 725 more words

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