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The Day I First Saw Blood

It was a humid day. Kahit sem break, we had a NAT review. When I had decided to went home, I also thought that it would be better if I walk. 428 more words


The Dictator on the Thai justice shamozzle

A shamozzle is a mess. That may not be the absolute best description of the Thai justice system, but it is accurate. A better word would need to capture a justice system that is politically-driven and marked by incompetence, corruption and an inability to deliver anything like justice. 533 more words

Canada's justice costs are soaring while crime rate sinks — and the Supreme Court is to blame: report

VANCOUVER — Canada is a much safer place than 20 years ago but policing, legal, judicial and correctional costs have gone through the roof, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute. 611 more words


Indigenous People Day


The city council in Seattle has officially ridded of Columbus day and changed it to Indigenous Peoples Day. This has sparked some debate within the community, some saying “What about Italian Americans?” A fair question. 152 more words

What do prison employees care about?

Call him Irving, an amazing inmate and an amazing person. I first met him in my creative writing class. He was one of those rare students that I could give a few writing principles to and he would run with them. 499 more words


Oaxaca: 16 months after the imprisonment of Damián Gallardo, and following call from the UN, there is no response from the Mexican State

Photo @ Front Line Defenders

The Committee of Relatives and Friends of Damián Gallardo, the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (LIMEDDH-Oaxaca), Services for an Alternative Education (EDUCA), Consorcio for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity Oaxaca, the New Woman Collective, and the Oaxaca Citizens’ Initiative denounced that 16 months after the incarceration of teacher Damián Gallardo Martínez, who has been accused of participating in the kidnapping of children, the Mexican State has provided no response to the calls from the international community and the UN regarding the human-rights violations experienced during his imprisonment.   185 more words

Human Rights

Guerrero: Update in the "Iguala case" – 43 persons continue to be disappeared

Students from the normal rural school of Ayotzinapa at the eighteenth anniversary of Tlachinollan. Foto @SIPAZ

On 2 October, in the cities of Chilpancingo, Acapulco, Atoyac, Tecpan, Chilapa, Ometepec, and Iguala, parents of the disappeared normalist students, students themselves, in addition to social activists, trade unionists, and citizens in general marched to demand justice for the lamentable acts which took place on 26 and 27 September in Iguala, Guerrero. 381 more words

Human Rights