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#3 - City Code, Stories, and All is Lost

For March 7, 2014

A week when Grand Rapids, Michigan is about to strike down a ban on being willfully annoying, and the recent movie… 58 more words

With Liberty and Justice for All

If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small. Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to die; save them as they stagger to their death. 734 more words


The Fear of AI

The advances since I wrote one of the Navy’s first Artificial Intelligence programs — probably the very first such program — have been exponential.

Today, my program would only qualify as “weighted values” program, because it had no Feedback Loop or an AI Engine (Inference Engine). 471 more words


How Pepsi Cola and Converse destroy young artists‘ existence.

You can probably imagine that it’s hard for young artists to make a living from their work. Did you also know that giants like Pepsi Cola sponsor companies that steal the artists’ intellectual property? 488 more words


IN FLOW, FLUID AND LIQUID IS WATER’S PERSPECTIVE. It goes beyond 3D and 4D. Thank you Jack Collom for your beautiful poem it has change my perspective and the way I look and think the world. 79 more words

The Clouds are Clearing

I am proud to say that by facing my trauma, it has cleared for the while.

I have always found that confronting my past works for me – though that is personal, and I would not suggest it for anyone else. 520 more words


What we’re witnessing in the news is what happens when public service is no longer a passion but solely a profession. #NoJustice
– M. Goodman -