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El encanto de la costa o el porqué de muchos divorcios

“Capital es capital y Santiago un platanal” reza un proverbio criollo que describe, con cierta fidelidad, el atraso de la provincia en comparación con Santo Domingo, una ciudad portuaria y turística. 643 more words

Out of Sight

If you’ve ever been to a historic spot or a well travelled tourist location you may notice that many of these structures have set up defenses against pests like pigeons and squirrels.  1,493 more words

Lion Babe- Treat Me Like Fire (Snakehips Remix)

Our love of Snakehips here on CasaSwoop is not exactly a private sentiment. Let’s just say that we have a long history of supporting the silky smooth R&B remixes of this fantastically talented British producer. 333 more words


Match Highlights

00:47: “How long’s this gonna take? I swear if this takes much longer I’m gonna kick off. I didn’t ask to be arrested today.”

00:48: “Look mate, we’ve done our best for you. 255 more words


Our Business

A job test. Passed. A job interview. Seemed to go well.

“We’ll let you know in six weeks or less.”

Six weeks later the hopeful applicant sends a carefully worded “checking on the status of my application” email. 289 more words

Written Art


What is your passion? Why do you do what you do? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you study? Why do you stay healthy? 910 more words

Guatemala News Update: October 13-17

Process for the Election of Judges in Guatemala in Question

At least 80 actions have been filed with the Constitutional Court related to the process of selecting the magistrates for Guatemala’s Supreme Court and appeals courts. 624 more words