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Do you want to trust the person you hire for your most vulnerable moments?

Do you want to be confident that they won’t swindle you, trick you, or give you false promises? 139 more words

Everyone's Need or Everyone's Greed?

At the end of June I went to Sanniquellie for the first time in almost a year. The last group of students I taught were graduating from Central High and I also needed to speak to the boys’ families before they left for Arizona State. 1,384 more words


Quick Hits

Arghhhh…. The federal government is at it again!

Or, rather, still!

The latest is the Disability Case Processing System, or DCPS. It is just the latest government computer problem, and in this case a $300 million problem. 568 more words


Recovering From a Space Mistake

A Federal Judge has made a major decision that is not getting a lot of press — and, no it is not the latest one that threw a wrench into Obamacare, or the one that threw out the a District of Columbia gun carry rules — those were widely reported, but the SpaceX decision is “inside the (technology) beltway” story. 230 more words


Victims, Their Families and The Death Penalty

After hearing about the slow and painful death of Joseph Wood, I wrote this piece for Social Work Helper. The full article is available on the link below. 192 more words

The Beginning