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In modern America, we don’t usually think much about birthrights or inherited blessings.  The vast majority of us do not expect to inherit from our relatives anything of significant value.  1,110 more words

Justafication on my interivew choices

I chose Iain Morrison as someone i would like to interview becasuse be is a journolist and by my reseach i could see that he had written an artical about the team at the 6 natioins this year and how they played and i also thought if i asked him questions he would be quite forward with his answer and truthful but not harsh and he would also give a good replies to my questions. 51 more words

Interview 3

John Owen: Merit and Grace

God requireth not any thing of us whereby we should purchase or merit for ourselves life and salvation: for “by grace are we saved through faith; not of works, lest any man should boast,” Eph. 260 more words

John Owen

Resurrection and Justification: Who Caused Who in Romans 4:25?

Our passage of choice today is Romans 4:25. I picked this verse because it may not be as well-known as many other popular Resurrection passages. The verse reads, “ was delivered over for our transgressions, and was raised for our justification.” 1,293 more words

Jesus' Resurrection & Ascension

Sunday Scrutinization: The Resurrection Is Our Receipt

Well, here we are, Easter Sunday. No, no wait. It is Resurrection Sunday. Um… hold on, actually it is the Feast of First Fruits. Actually, however you say it today is a great day of celebration, a day of remembrance that changed the world. 995 more words

Sunday Scrutinization

Something to think about this Easter...

Easter is the commemoration of the central claim of the Christian religion: God became flesh, on Him was laid all our sins and so He was crucified paying the penalty for our own unrighteousness, and on Sunday He rose from the dead, conquering physical and spiritual death for all those who call on His name.  606 more words


What is Saving Faith?

On Easter as we call people to repent of sin and believe on Christ, it is worth our time to consider the essential nature of saving faith. 1,598 more words