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Holy Week - Sunday, The Triumphant Entry

It is late March and the Feast of the Passover is near.  The time has come for Jesus to be delivered up.  No Jewish feast is more important to the people, and no feat could be more appropriate for the culmination of Jesus life and ministry.   272 more words

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Yum: Shirtless Muscle Dudes Take Jaw-Dropping Group Selfie

Take That Ellen: Shirtless Muscle Dudes Take Jaw-Dropping Group Selfie


We’d finally have an excuse to have our jaw redone if we happened upon this sight in the middle of the city, dropping our jaw to new lows and whatnot. 50 more words

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The Exact Day Jesus Died

In our new book, The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived, we assume but do not argue for a precise date of Jesus’s crucifixion. 69 more words


Houston, We Have an Answer…Women of Faith’s Unwrap the Bible Conference Equips, Empowers and Encourages 11,000 Women!!! (Part One of Three)

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain from the flight deck.  We’ve been cleared for landing in Houston.  Skies are fair, winds are light, and the local temperature is seventy-two degrees.” 1,451 more words

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A Devotional Reading Guide to 'The Final Days of Jesus'

One of the most edifying books I’ve read (and am still reading) in 2014 has been The Final Days of Jesus. Written by Andreas Köstenberger and Justin Taylor, the book chronicles the final week of Jesus’ life and puts in  order all the events of that climactic week. 717 more words

Biblical Theology

Book Theft, Lenten Reading, and The Final Days of Jesus

True story: I had a book stolen out of the mail the other day. All I received was an empty package with a sticker on it, notifying me that the last post office to handle it had received it in that condition. 1,069 more words