NBA Players Team Up With Bun B, Ma$e & Trina For Collaboration Album!

What’s Up! It’s Amir Diamond. Now, I’m not your typical sports watcher…but I think this story is pretty cool. NBA players are teaming up with artists like Bun B, Ma$e, Trina, Dorrough, T-Pain and many more in order to give kids something positive to listen to. 53 more words


Full Court Press Vol. 1: "Hip-hop music that scores"

We don’t know if anything else needs to be said after seeing that album title.  If you aren’t hooked after reading that title, maybe these following reasons will get you pumped for this album’s release. 86 more words

The Summer of Crazy Contracts Begins With A Bang: Kyrie Irving

The worst thing to do in sports is to over-pay an athlete who doesn’t deserve the ridiculous amount of money that teams can throw at him. 629 more words

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