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JVM JRE JDK- What's the relation

In this article:

  • Learn common confusion among JVM, JRE and JDK.
  • This will help to understand processing of a java class.

The background:

A java programmer writes java file. 242 more words


Devoxx France 2014

C’est parti pour Devoxx France 2014, trois journées intenses pour se mettre à jour sur Java 8 et ses nombreuses nouveautés. L’évènement, qui se déroule à l’hôtel Marriott rive gauche, rassemble près de 3500 développeurs d’une quarantaine de pays. 222 more words

Play for Java - Good intro to the Play 2 Java web framework - #programming #bookreview

Play for Java

Nicolas Leroux and Sietse de Kaper

(Manning, paperback)

“There are,” co-author Nicolas Leroux writes, ” many Java web frameworks, but most of them have a key flaw: they try to hide the web behind an abstraction layer, rather than embracing it. 720 more words

Book Reviews

Hazelcast: Apa itu?

Apa itu hazelcast?
Hazelcast adalah sebuah library java berbentuk *.jar yang hanya berukuran 2.6mb yang disebut In-memory data grid.

Jika menurut halaman http://hazelcast.org/use-cases/data-grid/, in-memory data grid… 287 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Dropwizard Handle Exceptions

I’ve made a sample application showing how to create an exception provider which catches exceptions thrown inside resources and handles them gracefully in your application. 149 more words

Concurrency and Fault Tolerance Made Easy: An Intro to Akka

Writing concurrent programs is hard. Having to deal with threads, locks, race conditions, and so on is highly error-prone and can lead to code that is difficult to read, test, and maintain. 265 more words


Node.js arrives for the JVM

“JavaScript everywhere, and everything ported to JavaScript” — it’s either a running joke in IT these days or a stone-cold truth. Evidence is tending toward the latter, what with Node.js becoming a jack-of-all-trades framework for many workloads and environments. 18 more words

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