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Custom querystring parameters in Play

Usually, actions in Play does not receive complex parameters. If you take a look in your project, probably you will see just simple parameters. Integers, Longs etc. 325 more words


Tic tac toe

Ok, maybe this isn’t a great piece of art ( or code) but is that logic, you know, the one that is simple but you’re very proud of? 76 more words


Daemonizing JVM-based applications

Deployment architecture design is a vital part of any custom-built server-side application development project. Due to it’s significance, deployment architecture design should commence early and proceed in tandem with other development activities. 1,112 more words


Application already exists in the configuration repository error

On  the chance that you see the above error when you try to redeploy an application after a failed application deployment, dont panic there is a fix. 175 more words

WebSphere Application Server

More Java Vulnerabilities

Oracle recently announced an update which patches twenty separate vulnerabilities all of which individually can provide remote access to an affected system without authentication. I’ll re-iterate that just in case you figured it was a mistake on my part: each of the individual twenty CVEs mentioned in their patch summary pose a direct remotely exploitable risk to a machine running their Java VM. 277 more words

How is your garbage collector by the way?

It is good to know how your garbage collection works and how much pause it brings to your application. Reading through this blog post I could easily generate stats and convert them to charts I could analyze and compare. 252 more words


Customizing messages and evolutions in Play, beyond the documentation

Play has a very good forum. Every day a lot of doubts are posted and answered. As a developer who is using Play in almost every project, I follow the forum and I try to help answering as many as questions as I can. 299 more words