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JVM proxy through a remote/reverse SSH tunnel

You may come across a scenario where you need to test your Java application from an alternate network, or you may not have sufficient network access where your code/application resides.   447 more words

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Running IntelliJ IDEA under DWM with java 7 & 8

For quite long time I’ve been using IntelliJ 12 because it was still compatible with java 6 which & was running well with DWM. Whenever I was trying a newer version of IntelliJ which required java 7, I was getting a gray screen. 139 more words


JVM Flags – Part 8 – GC Logging

The last part of this series is about garbage collection logging and associated flags. The GC log is a highly important tool for revealing potential improvements to the heap and GC configuration or the object allocation pattern of the application. 1,624 more words

JVM Flags

JVM Flags – Part 5 – Young Generation Garbage Collection

In this part of our series we focus on one of the major areas of the heap, the “young generation”. First of all, we discuss why an adequate configuration of the young generation is so important for the performance of our applications. 2,594 more words

JVM Flags

JVM Flags – Part 4 – Heap Tuning

Ideally, a Java application runs just fine with the default JVM settings so that there is no need to set any flags at all. However, in case of performance problems (which unfortunately arise quite often) some knowledge about relevant JVM flags is a welcome companion. 1,273 more words

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JVM Flags – Part 3 – Printing all XX Flags and their Values

With Java 6 (update 20 oder 21), the HotSpot JVM offers two new command line flags which print a table of all XX flags and their values to the command line right after JVM startup. 716 more words

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JVM Flags – Part 2 – Flag Categories and JIT Compiler Diagnostics

In the second part of this series, I present an introduction to the different categories of flags offered by the HotSpot JVM. Also, I am going to discuss some interesting flags regarding JIT compiler diagnostics. 1,703 more words

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