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JVM Memory Model and Garbage Collection

What are different generations in jvm ?

Young Generation: 

Young generation is the place where all the new objects are created. When young generation is filled, garbage collection is performed. 1,460 more words


Securing Communications for Java Processes

There are often situations when two processes need to establish a secure connection, like for example when one JVM calls another JVM using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. For providing encrypted communication channel HTTPS protocol is often used because of its widespread availabilty and firm foundation on public-private key big brother encryption systems, the big brother being the Certification Authorities (Like Versign etc.). 679 more words


Workshop sobre Play na Caelum

Oi pessoal, no próximo sábado vou dar um workshop de 8 horas sobre a versão Java do Play. O treinamento será ministrado na Caelum. 58 more words


Pin JVMs to a specific set of CPUs (processor affinity)?


Could be used for DB and other processes as well on any NUMA boxes.  It is usually one (process) to many (CPUs).

How is it going to work with a cloud like AWS? 13 more words


Java Class Loader

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about Java Class Loaders. Have you ever encountered the famous java.lang.ClassNotFoundException? Did you ever think why you got this error in the first place? 511 more words

Class Loader

Introduction to Java

What is Java and why do we want to use it :

Java is an Object oriented Programming Language and its an extension of C++ Language.

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