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Watchtower Affliation With United Nations + Fear of Apostasy

Today, (it’s Sunday, love), was a vigorous anti-apostate study made by the Watchtower. I slunk back into my seat really, and everything was fine with me until my mom commented on how we should treat apostates. 713 more words


The Watchtower Told Me My Dad Was Destined to Die in Armageddon

We’ve all heard this talk.

“Jesus as new king will come and finish all those who refuse to serve Jehovah¬†along with Satan and his demons. 556 more words


A Notable Effort to Research and Produce Good Quality Books....

I found this on a fast growing, fabulous website called JW.org and I thought this article was worth copying here. I appreciate anyone who cares about the durability of books and I guess the bible is the best place to start…… 678 more words

Lying To (My) Studies

Last night, my stepdad’s study gave his first part by reading from the book of Numbers. He’s a very progressive study (and I know the sisters swoon over his good looks.) of a twenty-something years. 543 more words


Is The Watchtower Society Becoming More Anti-Apostate?

Today, I went to Sunday meeting and studied the first article of The Watchtower 15 of July 2014 Study Edition, which the article is called, “Jehovah Knows Those Who Belong to Him”. 546 more words


First Time Questioning JW Doctrine to My Mom

Secretly, oh so secretly, I wish I can somehow convince my mom that the religion she converted to from Catholicism is… deceiving. Maybe being disfellowshipped that way wouldn’t be so hard with her by my side. 554 more words


The Beginning: When I Began To Doubt My Faith

What is this month? August? No, September. Right.

It started in July. Second to last week of it, actually. I remember I was searching where my district convention was going to be held since the society had moved it to another location. 598 more words