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English Translation:

Stop it stop stop stop stop it
Whenever you do that it drives me crazy
When you look into my eyes with that smile…

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Wednesday Eu-Mak: Let's Chill.... Round 2

Yeoreobun, good day! Let’s chill again, shall we? I’m in the mood for something smooooth again! Are you ready to fall  in love? February is around the corner and Valentine’s day is less than a month away. 302 more words


OMO: You and All The Things He Has Been Through - [G.Soul’s You MV Review]

It is quite a debut explosion these year so yes, we are with the second review for a debut this year and don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. 508 more words



The phantom JYP trainee G.Soul of whom we’ve only heard his name and talent for YEARS and YEARS, has finally shown his face to the public and released his long awaited music. 18 more words

Somene Else - J.Y Park (JYP) feat. Gain Lyrics [romanized, english, hangul] (다른 사람 품에 안겨서 - 박진영 feat. 가인)

dareun saram pume angyeo itneunde
naneun kkaedarasseo
neoui eolguri jakku tteoolla wae
geuraeseo ireoke
ireoke dorawasseo tto neoege
nareul badajwo jebal
Can you take me back again again? 468 more words


[Drabble] 7th Table

7th  Table

Main  Cast


  Mark  Tuan


AU  ,  Romance,  -Fail-Fluff

Drabble  [+100  words]

Rating  :  General

Backsound  :  GOT7-A

“Sana,  pesanan  untuk  meja  7!” 204 more words


G. Soul is finally in the spotlight with You.

I don’t know if I have talked about this, but G. Soul has finally debuted.

Here is his first single, titled You.

It sounds…a lot more poppier than I expected. 189 more words

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