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Secret Love Affair: I Love Sun Jae ❤ Because of Schumann

What took me so long? Is that what you are asking? Here’s the deal. I struggled against Yoo Ah In’s portrayal of Lee Sun Jae for weeks, telling myself he really isn’t… 1,034 more words

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Secret Love Affair - Catch-up to Episode Ten

Secret Love Affair is such an interesting show. On the one hand, it’s not cracky. Not at all. It’s not in the least addictive. Its pace is leisurely and at times — dare I say it — it’s not even particularly compelling. 1,059 more words


POV DISCUSSION: The Absurdity of Empress Ki

I have never been so disappointed in a Saguek this bad, especially so when it involves such awesome *actors (*by actors, I just mean everyone generally, include actresses).  593 more words


Golden Rainbow: final thoughts

I got to this weekend series finale late but got around to this post even later no thanks to real-life. Disclaimer: I’m just weighing in on the drama and mostly rambling on… you’ve been warned. 1,182 more words


Secret Love Affair: Episodes 9 and 10

Well! The board has changed completely! Some motivations have become gloriously clear, while others have sunk deeper into murky. And that’s just the view from Hye-won’s head!  1,254 more words


Kerennya Ahn Jae Hyun untuk Pemotretan Drama "You're All Surrounded"!

Memiliki peran yang berbeda dari drama sebelumnya, pada drama kali ini Ahn Jae Hyun menjadi seorang polisi. Pada tanggal 15 April lalu telah diunggah sebuah video… 108 more words

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What I Like....

I really want to share more about what I listen to. Most of it is Korean but honestly their music is really good. I’ll add some music from other countries too but I don’t really know much. 147 more words