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[SPECIAL] Interview with Glen Check October 2014

You can’t talk about current Korean indie scene without mentioning Glen Check. Consisting of June-One Kim (vocal, guitar) and Hyuk Jun Kang (bass, synthesizer), the band has been praised for their creativity in combining music and visual elements. 557 more words


[SPECIAL] Interview with The Electriceels October 2014

The Electriceels is an indie band from South Korea, famous for their unpretentious, easy-listening music. Releasing their debut EP ‘Charging’ (충전) in 2011, the trio has caught the attention of fans in their home country. 569 more words


처음부터 널 - 이매진 Từ Lần Đầu Tiên- I:magine


처음부터 널, 조금씩 널, 그렇게 널 – (으음)
지금도 널, 여전히 널, 좋아해 널, 아직.

넌 날 봐도 그냥 아무렇지 않은 사람.
난 널 보면 그만 아무 말도 못 하는 사람.


[SPECIAL] Interview with Urban Zakapa October 2014

Formed in 2009, Urban Zakapa have stolen the hearts’ of music fans with their soothing R&B music. Their songs are not only well-known in their home, South Korea, but also in other Asian countries. 791 more words


K-Indie Night

오늘밤은 혼자 있기가 무서워요
Tonight, I’m afraid of being alone.
창문을 여니 바람소리가 드세요
Please open the window and listen to the sound of the wind…

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K-Indie Picks 10.21.14

You know what I just realized? Clazziquai Project has four new music videos for their latest album, “Blink,” which was released on September 18th, 2014. 293 more words


° lucite tokki (루싸이트 토끼) - last night in my dream °

Lucite Tokki (or 루싸이트 토끼 in korean, “tokki” means rabbit) is a female indie-duo consisting of Cho YeJin (vocal and keyboard) and Kim SunYoung ( 35 more words