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Jive Monkey Playlist: 7/28/14

So I’ve been tuning into Laws of the City in New York which features celebrities trying to survive in the city. One of the members on the program is Moon (aka Kim Moon Chul) from the indie band Royal Pirates and I’ve been wanting to get into their music after watching Moon on the show. 978 more words

Jive Monkey Playlist

Updated: This Week's Music Station Playlist [Ed.#30]

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K-Pop MSP Mix

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K-Indie: Rock/Electronic

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카프카 (K.AFKA) – 황혼의 노래 (Twilight Song) Lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

A song from K.AFKA’s debut self-titled 2004 release.

카프카 (K.AFKA) – 황혼의 노래 (Twilight Song)

어둠 그 속 그길 위를

eo-dum keu sok keu-gil wi-reul… 135 more words


EYES, NOSE, LIPS[눈, 코, 입]Cover By Daeho, Jungmin


EYES, NOSE, LIPS[눈, 코, 입]Cover By Daeho, Jungmin

cool thing i have found for today

S O M E T H I N G [享]

Music Monday: 살빼지 마요 by Soran (소란)

I stumbelled upon this band not too long ago. I like their joyful vibe, there slight jazz influence, the singer’s voice.

I also like the meaning of this song. 146 more words

Keeping Up In Korea

어쿠루브 (Acourve) 사랑노래 같은 이별노래 (Break-up Song Like A Love Song) lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

어쿠루브 – 사랑노래 같은 이별노래

요즘 왜그래?

yo-jeum wae-geu-rae?

아 잘 모르겠어

a jal mo-reu-gess-eo

우리 영화나 보러가자 요즘 재밌는거 많다던데..

u-ri yeong-hwa-na bo-reo-ga-ja yo-jeum jae-miss-neun-geo manh-da-deon-de… 570 more words


휴먼레이스 (Human Race) – Love lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

A deep song from Human Race.

휴먼레이스 (Human Race) – Love


Eo-di-e-seo wat-neun-ji




Gip-eo-ga-neun eui-mun-sok-e


Manh-eun ir-eul bo-naen-hu-e-do… 276 more words