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Throwback Thursday: E&C

This is E & C, aka Eddie and Chris. “날려버렸어 (Flew Away)” is from their first album, “For Life” from 1998. 24 more words


Korean Pop Music Spreads Worldwide

Korean Pop Music is quickly making its break in America. The song Gangnam style, by Korean rapper Park Jae Sung, has become one of the most watched YouTube videos period.


Random Music Monday: Baechu Bossam

Why Random Music Monday for these ladies? I felt trolled that’s why. Also, when aren’t Pungdeng-E random and weird?

I thought they were going all serious for a second, with the warehouse, gangsters and suitcase, and all.  49 more words


This Is Cute And You Need It

A little girl named Ha Na Eun dances to HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop” and I swear it’s some of the cutest shit I’ve ever seen. 13 more words


GDYB Are 'Good Boys'...Yeah Right


Reasons meaning it’s been 12 years since GDYB came out with new material and goddammit, I ain’t missing it. The title for their comeback single is called “ 26 more words


Boys Republic Releases MV For 'The Real One'

I don’t really listen to Boys Republic, I’ve heard of them, but maybe listened to them…once or twice. But I decided to check out their comeback music video for “ 76 more words


Throwback Thursday: Black Beat

This name has popped up so many times when I’m looking up old school groups, but I’ve never really paid them any attention. Until now. It’s funny because they were a part of… 220 more words