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It has been a long time since I wanted to write something about one of my favorite groups – B.A.P. As a person who become interested in K-Pop music since 2010, I have explored different genre and styles, and I found fascinating how the music industry works in South Korea. 642 more words


EXO Sabet Daesang di Seoul Music Awards ke-24

Kesuksesan kembali menghampiri EXO di tahun 2015. Setelah mengalami beberapa masalah dan ditinggalkan 2 personelnya selama 2014 lalu, EXO membuktikan karir dan popularitas mereka belumlah padam. 181 more words


[VIDEO] Taeyeon SNSD Terperosok Ke Lubang di Atas Panggung

Insiden mengejutkan terjadi di  tengah gelaran “Seoul Music Award ke-24″, Kamis (22/1/2015). Sebuah video fancam memperlihatkan Taeyeon jatuh terperosok ke dalam lubang di atas panggung usai tampil bersama TaeTiSeo. 132 more words


Chocolate Love - marketing 101 for deluded k-pop fans

Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions like this:

and this:

So for those who wonder:

1.  How much money idols make, and

2.  How much fans and idols alike are being played like suckers by entertainment companies… 3,828 more words

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Good post (minus the profanity =P) and a well thought-out explanation on how marketing in K-Pop is similar to retail marketing. As for the other points, I found out since ages ago that both the fans and the stars were being manipulated for money. One of the reasons I don't look at K-Pop the same way as before. Note, your attention and care for a star = money for advertisers (even more when there's a publicity stunt). So yes, fans and stars are both being used.

Jonghyun's Bondage Leaves Me Breathless

My body isn’t ready for this, and neither is my shattered soul…or ovaries for that matter.

This is some BDSM shit, SM.

Because deep down, you know you deserve to be punished, don’t you Mr. 69 more words


K-Pop Rookies 2014 - Girls

We’ve seen my favorite male rookies, and now to move on to the ladies!


A silly name with a serious attitude, these ladies just recently debuted with “ 274 more words


K-Pop Rookies 2014 - Boys

Another year has come and gone, and so have  many rookie groups. Who was your favorite? While you sit there and decide, I’ll list mine here: 360 more words