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Stable completed homology without Quillen-Lichtenbaum

Having just made (hopefully) the final revisions on my paper on stable completed cohomology groups, I wanted to record here a few remarks which didn’t otherwise make it into the paper. 818 more words


frankles free fridays

First up, we have a rather ballsy, yet populist remix of Moby. I say ballsy for two reasons. Most people don’t remix Moby, because most remixes of his songs aren’t different enough from the original, or at times misuse the source material and gut the emotional intensity he’s come to master. 222 more words


GHOsT for stable infinity-categories and some notes

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been working on learning about Hopf-Galois extensions of ( and )-ring spectra. I’ve got some ideas, and I’ve written them down in the following set of preliminary notes:  197 more words

Some handwritten notes

For those who celebrate thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving! So I’ve been thinking about my strange result that . Here are some handwritten notes on the same (and some other things). 39 more words