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GHOsT for stable infinity-categories and some notes

Sorry for the long silence. I’ve been working on learning about Hopf-Galois extensions of ( and )-ring spectra. I’ve got some ideas, and I’ve written them down in the following set of preliminary notes:  197 more words

Some handwritten notes

For those who celebrate thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving! So I’ve been thinking about my strange result that . Here are some handwritten notes on the same (and some other things). 39 more words

Some new additions

I’ve added some more interesting things to my paper: K-theory and Morita Theory.

I was downloading Higher Algebra from Lurie’s website, and I saw that he’s written up something new, about the rotation invariance of K-theory! 21 more words

An expanded motivation

I recorded a video for this blog post, where I talk about my research, and the motivation for studying the K-theory of infinity operads.


A weird and sentimental title, I know. But I’ve decided to take up everything that I’ve ever thought about the K-theory of module -operads into one PDF file, which I’ve put into this post, which will be continually updated. 52 more words

Topological K-theory of C*-algebras for the Working Mathematician - Lecture 1

Claude (Haim) Schochet is spending this semester at the Technion, and he kindly agreed to give a series of lectures on K-theory. This mini-course is called “Topological K-theory of C*-algebras for the Working Mathematician”. 3,342 more words