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Is an instruction manual necessary?

I have played many games and not looked or needed instructions, so in many cases they aren’t needed as I have figured out how to play the game by trail and error and my own knowledge of gaming. 190 more words


games as systems

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Games as systems

According to McGonigal, if you strip all games of all variables, genres, and strip them right down to their core, you will be left with 4 defining traits; 495 more words


Game influences and Mechanics

Every day The Same Dream(2009) shows the life of a man who wakes up, gets dressed, say goodbye to his wife and drives to work to sit in a matching cubical like everyone else there. 378 more words

Bryan Hunt

High Tea

High Tea is a strategy point and click game based in 1830’s China. The player is tasked on buying opium, selling it to the highest bidder in China for profit and using the profit to buy tea for England. 332 more words

Bryan Hunt


After land is a 2D side-scrolling plat former that sets the player in a forest like environment. Looking at the graphical style of the game, it is simple but effective, which allows the player to look behind the graphics and focus more on his actions and meaning of the game, rather than being distracted by flashy graphics and a complex narrative. 307 more words

John Mckenna

Kryptos decoding charts

From the Kryptos original decoding charts, the two clues. #1-two keywords Palimpsest and Palimpcest in k1 spells

Illusion correctly. #2-the chart for k2 shows in the ciphertext group of characters CRT, its the change to CET which… 424 more words

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Students to make cage debuts this Saturday

TWO University of Chester students will make their Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) debuts this Saturday, November 29.

Justin Whittle and Jamie Wylor-Owen, history and ecology students respectively, step into the cage for the first time at an event known as Beyond the Cage in Pudsey, West Yorkshire. 284 more words