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Update on the K9 officers injured at the White House; Jumper called self an 'American Slave' [photos]

As Twitchy reported last night, there was yet another fence jumper at the White House but this time U.S. Secret Service agents were ready for him … well, kind of. 552 more words

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UPDATE: Identity of White House fence jumper revealed

(CNN) — A man jumped over the White House fence Wednesday night — but he barely made it onto the lawn before two police dogs took him down. 108 more words


The Government Is 3D-Printing Bomb-Sniffing Dog Noses

When the Singularity occurs, it’s not just humans that will be replaced by robot overlords. No, dogs now are at risk as well, all thanks to taxpayer dollars. 155 more words

A Very Special Officer & Gentleman

I had the great privilege of attending a ceremony yesterday afternoon in honor and memory of a very special officer and gentleman – my cousin, Frank Miller, Jr. 339 more words