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My Body was Stuck in Fight or Flight

I used to wonder why it took so much energy just to exist in normal society. I just assumed that it was something I had to accept, another limitation of Post Traumatic Stress. 1,735 more words

Jennifer Norris

Man's Best Friends Help Treat Vets with PTSD

In researching various treatment methods for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), I’ve come across a trend that is surprising, endearing, and nothing short of wonderful: studies have found that owning a dog can be an effective treatment method for war vets suffering from PTSD. 537 more words


It's All About the Little Things When You Have PTSD

As I am gaining strength mentally, I am working on getting my body in the here and now as well. Thankfully because of my service dog, I can get over the paralyzing feeling of anxiety and get the heck up on out of my house. 373 more words

Jennifer Norris