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Give Give Give

I was always taught by my parents to give endlessly to others. Despite of our income…my parents always gave to others more than what they received and still do. 110 more words


Ready to live it

So far so good. But I am ready to live my life.

It takes courage to live your life. You have to be self-confident and have to have self-esteem. 43 more words


Lurianic Kabbalah

It was back in 2007 when the Kabbalah became very relevant to me. The hours would pass so quickly as I soaked up hundreds of videos and articles online. 92 more words


Magical Conformity of the Will in the Kawwanah

“This brief text gives a very precise and valuable description of what takes place in the kawwanah. The completeness and precision of expression are unrivaled in the literature of the Kabbalah; we doubtless owe these qualities to the fact that the author wished to describe the magic of the kawwanah—but at the same time also described, to a great extent, its mystical nature. 124 more words



Yes, beauty. We are not always born beautiful. But we can aspire to be beautiful.

What is beauty? Beauty for me is the harmony between your body and soul. 162 more words


2 Mikes and Annunaki Tech.

The First Mike:

If you have never heard of Micheal Ledwith or his occult works, then beware. Besides his being a man full of moral debauchery, he also insists on adding an Aleph in front of the Hebrew text we know as Genesis 1:1. 153 more words

Comparative Religion


When there are tough times it’s really nice to keep believing in something and try to make things better. Just try out and you’ll see it gets better. 156 more words