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Thankfulness is an important aspect in life. Especially around Thanksgiving. Are we thankful for our health and other stuff in Europe? Here’s the answer.

Growing up as an Italian guy within Netherlands in Amsterdam…I think the answer to this question in general is NO. 93 more words



It’s often claimed that intuition is more present with female sexes and not with male people. Is this true and what is your experience with your intuition? 194 more words


Kabbalistic 72 Names Of God - #13

How: Read Hebrew letters from right to left. English left to right.

Pronounced: Yud Zayin Lamed

Meaning: Heaven on Earth

Meditation: I ignite the Light of the Messiah within myself, within others, and throughout the planet. 13 more words

Meditations, Sutras, Koans, And Prayers

Das kabbalistische Buch "Sefer Yetzirah – Book of Creation" zum Monat KISLEV

Momentan befinden wir uns im jüdischen Monat KISLEV und das kabbalistische Werk “Sefer Yetzirah – The Book of Creation”, Kapitel 5, nennt die Charaktereigenschaften dieses Monats. 121 more words
Hebraeische Buchstaben

"Sefer Yetzirah - The Book of Creation" on KISLEV

The kabbalistic “Sefer Yetzirah – The Book of Creation”, Chapter 5, on the Jewish month of Kislev and it’s connection to the Hebrew letter… 61 more words
Hebrew Letters

Jacob, the man of truth

So many people have difficulty relating to Jacob, our father, yet he is called the “Chosen” of the Fathers. This difficulty stems from the bare reading of the Biblical recounting of the selling of the birthright, and the taking of Isaac’s blessings. 237 more words