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Lon Milo DuQuette - The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford

(Weiser Books, 2001)

This book is already almost 15 years old, but naturally timeless in it’s nature, and always as actual and current to the aspiring Initiate, Qabalist, Magician. 434 more words


Time for Oneness again- Reflections on the Tower of Babel

Our Torah Parashah this week is Noah (Noach), Genesis (Bereisheet) 6:9-11:32 and our Haftarah is Isaiah 54:1-55:5. The Noah story is one that remains vibrant within our array of biblical stories. 1,105 more words

Am I a Bad Person

The feelings I am going to express are less pronounced at the moment as I don’t have a trade on; however, I do remain a proud bear. 502 more words


New Moon of Scorpio & Diwali

Every month, at New Moon, Kabbalists says that the Energies in the Universe change following the Zodiac sign we are entering. We are all affected by this, in a way or another. 527 more words


Ariana Grande Renounces Catholicism for her Gay Brother

The famous 21-year-old singer Ariana Grande has revealed that she recently renounced Catholicism for her openly gay brother after he was rejected by the church. She disagreed with the Christian faith’s teachings about her elder sibling Frankie’s sexuality, but they both found a “connection” with Kabbalah, the offshoot of Judaism that has attracted many celebrity followers. 287 more words


Preview of 1:4:7

There are two sorts of actions: mitzvahs and personal matters. As we’d said, you’re to engage in mitzvahs in order to fulfill G-d’s will (which you do, incidentally, by doing the specific thing He asked you to do and by perfecting yourself in the process as G-d wants you to). 134 more words