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Bo tu stolyca jest, tak, czy nie?

O stolicy zawsze ciężko się pisze – to taka trudna miłość. Nikt za nią specjalnie nie przepada, ale gdy tylko na horyzoncie pojawia się jakiś Vladimir, trzeba się za nią bić. 520 more words

Right-Wing Parties Unite

After long negotiations, three of Poland’s right-wing parties have managed to reach an understanding regarding their future cooperation. On Saturday, the leaders of Law and Justice (PiS), United Poland (SP), and Poland Together (PRJG) signed a political agreement. 175 more words


Ziobro and Gowin Join Forces

Zbigniew Ziobro’s United Poland (SP) and Jarosław Gowin’s Poland Together (PRJG) have decided to join forces and create a new parliamentary group. The new right-wing alliance under the leadership of Jarosław Gowin will have fifteen MPs. 166 more words


PM Committed Crime?

The leader of the opposition and head of Law and Justice (PiS) Jarosław Kaczyński has said that his party will notify the public prosecutor that a crime may have been committed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk. 144 more words


Palikot Calls for New Elections

“We are in a tight spot. On the one hand, the associates of PM Donald Tusk have been compromised and need to go, but on the other, no decent person could possibly wish for Law and Justice (PiS) to return to power,” said Janusz Palikot, leader of Your Movement (TR). 157 more words


Vote of No Confidence

In the aftermath of ‘Vistulagate’, as the world’s media have christened it, Law and Justice (PiS) is calling for a constructive vote of no confidence in the government. 189 more words


Prisoners Vote for Prosecutor

In the elections to the European Parliament, Civic Platform (PO) managed 39.4% of all prisoners’ votes, whereas Law and Justice (PiS) did not fare too well. 187 more words