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Macierewicz Investigates

“I am certainly not mistaken; what we are dealing with here is a crime,” said PiS MP and Jarosław Kaczyński confidante Antoni Macierewicz, discussing the Smolensk plane crash. 131 more words


Euro for Poland

Janusz Palikot’s party, Your Movement (TR), wants to change the Constitution and introduce the Euro in Poland as fast as possible. Palikot wants the amendment to be a joint initiative of Civic Platform (PO), the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and TR. 175 more words


Poland in a nutshell

  • We got the best sausages in the world (mmmmm).
  • We are located in central Europe.
  • Bordered by Germany from the west, Czech republic from south west, Slovakia from south east, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania from East and Russia from the North East.
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Kaczyński's Political Fiction

“The new policies of Law and Justice (PiS) are over-optimistic and unreal. In their view money can be distributed willy-nilly even if one does not have it,” said Grzegorz Schetyna of Civic Platform (PO) in an interview with  268 more words