Kadayawan 2014 Experience

Last August 18, 2014, I was able to watch the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan or the Street Dancing for the first time live . My family usually just watch it in our dear television because they prefer to be entertained while relaxing. 333 more words


Kadayawan 2014

August 15, 2014: Indigenous People’s Day at the Agro Compound

August 16, 2014: Indak-indak sa Kadalanan

August 17, 2014: Pamulak: Floral Parade





Role Confusion

This is an opinion on the legal authority of local government units through their respective legislative assemblies to issue a persona non grata declaration. 2,206 more words

Persona Non Grata Because of a Joke is TOO MUCH!

#JUSTSAYING  #JustMyTwoCents 

In diplomacy, the term persona non grata (Latin, plural: personae non gratae), literally meaning “an unwelcome person,” refers to a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country’s government. 265 more words


Ramon Bautista and the Joke that got him Beheaded

MonRa got Inday Sara angry. And she’s one Davaoena you wouldn’t want to be angry.

RB made a crucial mental lapse when he got on the stage. 289 more words


Kadayawan in Manila (with a Durian Shake Recipe)

I missed the Kadayawan Festival in Davao by a week. I still have classes to teach, and making up for missed classes near the end of the term is just impractical, so I had to give up a trip to Davao and just enjoy the pasalubong I would receive afterwards. 362 more words

Sound Body

The Ramon Bautista Hipon Scandal : The Davao Episode

Ramon Bautista, famous DJ and author has once again broiled himself in a scandal. This time involving the “women of Davao”. He purportedly called the women of Davao “Hipon” – beautiful bodies but ugly faces. 207 more words

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