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The Heath Quartet @ St John's Priory

Without a doubt, Kilkenny Arts Festival is my favourite time of year. The city becomes a live art installation and the opportunities for broadening your mind are endless. 182 more words


The Creation of the Universe

“Even more extravagant than the Muslims were the Jews. The first chapter of the Jewish Bible contains the famous sentence: And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light;” the Kabbalists argued that the virtue of that command from the Lord came from the letters of the words. 192 more words


The Poo Pond Song

Military Videos of the World – The Poo Pond Song.

Fond memories of Kandahar Air Field Music and video by Jimmy Moreland For those of us including myself who have been there you will surely appreciate this good old country song

Military Videos

God's Love (KAFA: Bible NT)

KAFA: Bible NT

John (Yowannisi) 3:16

16 “Yeeri shawee toommooch beeti asheena’on oogichii bi shunnitoyich ikka bi Bushoon immiye; hini ikka bi Bushoon bi immito, bi mulloon bi toommooch too’ii beeto bulli, bulli yemeenee kashoon bi danemmonaa shiwaree qaaqqooch bi giyaachemmonoyichiye.


The Lord's Prayer (KAFA: Bible NT)

KAFA: Bible NT

Matthew (Maatiyoosi) 6:9-13

9 “Illa ittoshi ishichiree corootibote! ‘Shimaayooch beeti no Nihoocho! Yaafa ne shigo oogabe;

10 Ne taatittino bullichi toommooch bede; shimaayooch beetina’o ne getoon boonoshi waayoomon, ebiyoomon shawooch beetina’o waayabeete; 33 more words


Samyang SY16M-P 16mm f/2.0 Aspherical Wide Angle Lens for Pentax KAF Cameras

The NEW Samyang 16mm Ultra Wide Angle F/2.0 Aspherical Lens is Samyangs newest addition to its assortment of high quality, affordable, prime lenses. The new 16mm lens is designed for cameras with APS-C crop frame sensors. 117 more words